Mac & Cheese Is Now on Tap as 2020 Comes Full Circle

Mac & Cheese Is Now on Tap as 2020 Comes Full Circle

Stauffer has put Mac and cheese on tap. As the Nestlé company stated in its press release, this is not a “cheap joke”. It has been pretty crazy until 2020, but the kicker has to take your mac and cheese straight from the tap like an ice cold beer, except it is hot and gooey. People swimming in dumpsters this summer are not as weird, but Stauffer fantasized about Mac on Tap, it’s so weird.

The Mac On Tap product is scheduled to be released at some point this year, although it won’t be in time for National Mac and Cheese Day, which is due on July 14. So the day before that very special thing, Stauffer is asking customers where they want to see Mac on Tap. By now, many people are very ingrained with new technology and they want taps for their personal use at home. Who knows, maybe it will be later this year because people can’t really go to bars where it will kill this time.

A bar is the perfect place for a Mac on tap. After a few ice cold beers, nothing feels better than a tap and a few hot pipes coming out in a bowl and a sprinkling of cheese. Or maybe it will go in a pint glass? Stauffer has created a Mac for the first time on tap, so don’t try and steal his idea, Kraft. This is taking macaroni and cheese to the next level and will add things as easy as just pulling a tap on just about any other food.

While this is a very good promotion for the staffer, they are also offering a product that will allow food to be served safely, which is on everyone’s mind at the moment. Less contact with others is better, which makes Mac even more attractive for tap contraception in places that may want to incorporate it into their business. However, it remains to be seen if restaurants and bars are really going to fall in love with Tap on Mac like there is already a lot of social media.

Once the game is able to get back up and running, Stauffer’s Mac on tap will more than likely be a big seller. Imagine being able to carry your favorite ballpark dog and dripping some mac and cheese on top, on the right and whatever you put there. Staffer is here to make sure that 2020 is not all that bad and that they are doing a great job on it. Therefore, go to the lookout for Mac On Tap starting next month as it slowly starts to go public. You can check the design above, thanks to Stauffer’s Twitter account.

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