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MaaraMaara is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Starring R Madhavan, Shraddha Srinath, Alexander Babu, Sasiwada Nair, Molly, Padmavati Rao and Abhiram, Maa finally appears on Amazon Prime Video. Directed by Dhillip Kumar, the film is a remake of the Malayalam hit Charlie. Charlie cast Salman and Parvati in the lead roles.

In an interview with, Dileep talked about working with Madhavan and said, “Ever since I came as a writer, there was a lot of understanding between Madhavan and me. We were not discussing his acting style or my treatment of the film. When we were writing, we were speaking like writers. Later, when I also took up the direction of directing, I felt an extension of the same discussion. He was just out of Rocketry, his first film as a director. So they shared a lot of insight while writing this film. I am very lucky that I was able to work with him at this stage of his career. There was a lot to learn from him. “

Dhilip Kumar also commented that Maera’s vibe is very different from Charlie’s vibe. “When we changed the plot, the film had a different mood. And so, we didn’t need to recreate the same vibe (as Charlie). “

Earlier in a statement, Madhavan said, “Mother extends from a person to a person filled with a pleasant world. The events and conversations of these people are grounded yet the experiences they have are real, and this makes the audience an interesting part of the ensemble. My character has been given the highest importance with honesty in the relationships he shares with others. And that trait makes the person such that the audience immediately falls in love. You can make him feel that he can touch life without actually putting in an effort. For me, he was the essence of this man who encouraged me to play him. “

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Talking about her role in Mara, Shraddha Srinath said in a statement, “Paru is a girl who doesn’t want what she wants. But she can definitely tell what she doesn’t want.” He also has a sense of inspiration and empathy. Pulls him to other people. I really love the way he searches, gets lost in puzzles and retains that child while being part of this world Which has some epic stories and people. “

Mara is produced by Shruti Nallappa of Pratap Chakraborty and Pramod Films.

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