M. Night Shyamalan’s Next Movie Lands a Summer 2021 Release Date at Universal

M. Night Shyamalan’s Next Movie Lands a Summer 2021 Release Date at Universal

Division director m. Knight Shyamalan’s mysterious new film has now set a release date, with Universal Pictures announcing Split The director’s untitled film will be released on July 23, 2021. As his films usually do, Shyamalan’s next film is so steeped in mystery that it is still barely present, plot details and even the title of the film are currently unknown.

One thing we do know is the main cast, which is made up of Genetic And Jumanji: welcome to the jungle Star alex wolf, Little women And sharp objects Star Eliza Scanlen, Jojo Rabbit And The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’ Thomson McKenzie, Krypton Vicky Cripps of Star Thomas Pierre, and Paul Thomas Anderson Phantom thread In all negotiations for the project.

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Since the news of their involvement, Mad max fury road And Neon monster Actress abhay lee Jupiter Ascending Star Nikki Amuka-Bird and Of lost Ken Leung has also worked for the cast of the latest top-secret film M. Raat Shyamalan.

Then, as his films usually do, Shyamalan’s untitled film will be written, directed and produced by the person himself. Although the details of the plot remain unknown, we hope that something is wrapped up in a creepy atmosphere, which is likely somewhere near the end.

The film will be part of Shyamalan’s new two-movie deal with Universal Pictures, with yet another untitled project for an April 20 release date. Shyamalan discussed the deal in the past, expressed a willingness to take risks and praised the studio for allowing it to do so.

“I am loving this approach where they are minimal, implicit, I own them, we take big tonal risks and try to hit that note of frivolous-but-grounded, deeply comic moments and Some deal with complex things and not necessarily take the audience to where they are comfortable, both during or even at the end. It’s all reduced because we’re working with a respectable number and I think I am becoming a good companion to my distributors. Because it allows me to iterate really fast in the making of these stories, those films follow that architecture of approach and process. Even If it’s deceiving itself into being more dangerous, then it’s working because when I think of these three films I’m thinking of all the weird and dark — I think they Speak a little bit to each other. “

Shyamalan also spoke of ideas for these two upcoming films, which also tease a potential third, suggesting that all the films may have been linked in some way.

“I just had two film ideas that I felt very strongly. For me, the ideas are there and they are sometimes in magazines and they don’t yet have meat or whatever it is that makes it So I am ready for this — two years of my life — to create and direct — some of those ideas don’t have yet. They have to hint a little bit. But there were two ideas where I could make them I was thinking. And, quite interestingly, there may be a third thing that came to me that was probably going between these two. So there might be three. “

We look forward to seeing if Shyamalan will be excited or disappointed. The director’s work has recently been criticized for a different reason, with Netflix’s petition to remove the film Split, Citing misinterpretation of people diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. It comes to us from Universal Pictures.

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