Lucasfilm Games Trailer Officially Launches the New Home of Star Wars Video Games

Lucasfilm is a new era of gaming to come. Disney has launched a new division, Lucasfilm Games, which will be the new home for all Lucasfilm games in the future. This includes Star wars And other brands placed under the company’s banner. although Star wars Undoubtedly in this case the name is marquee and the tree that will undoubtedly produce the most fruits in the coming years.

This announcement was made through the officer Star wars Website. A seasel reel / trailer was also released to showcase the names. Lucasfilm Games has launched social channels on Twitter and Facebook. Social channels will distribute breaking news and more directly to fans “according to Lucasfilm”. Additionally, a new Lucasfilm Games logo has been revealed. The announcement stated that the logo would appear on future Lucasfilm Games titles. Explaining the decision, the following was stated in the manifest.

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“Lucasfilm’s legacy in gaming stretches back decades. And with Lucasfilm and the Milky Way away, entering a new and unprecedented phase of creativity, the world of Lucasfilm games will evolve in collaboration with the finest studios across the industry. “

Sizzle reel highlighted recently Star wars Jedi Fallen Order and the like video games Squadrons, Which was released earlier this year, as well as Hero’s Galaxy. Old Republic The online game, which has been active since 2011, was also featured alongside the recent series Battlefield Sports, which were previously prominent Star wars Video game release following the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm. For the future, the Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga was also included in the trailer, as the game is expected to arrive later this year.

Talking about the future, it’s a little vague, aside Skywalker saga In Lego form. We know that EA is planning to turn Jedi Fallen Order In a franchise, that means we’re likely to come up with a sequel at some point for the next generation of consoles, such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X. Beyond this no Star wars The video game has been confirmed. However rumors were spreading that a new Knights of the Old Republic The game may be on the way, it may be a remaster of an old game or something entirely new.

It is also important to note, even if this trailer is fully focused Star wars, Lucasfilm has more under his belt. Other franchises like Indiana Jones And Willow Lucasfilm is present under the banner. It is certainly possible that other properties may find video game treatment under Disney’s rule. Especially with Indiana jones 5 Still happening and Willow The sequel series recently announced for Disney +.

Previously, Lucasart’s house was Star wars Video games for many years. However, following the Disney merger, Lucasfilm closed the studio, with most of the employees being laid off in 2013. Now, Lucasfilm games will be used to help fill that void. This news comes to us through

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