Love and Thunder Gets a Seinfeld Inspired Working Title That Hints at Thor’s Big Diet

Job title for Thor: Love and Thunder Hints on the God of Thunder’s weight loss journey. When we last saw superheroes Avengers: Endgame, He was depressed and depressed after not being able to successfully take Thanos down. He turned to beer, video games, and pizza, resulting in a substantial increase in weight. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were shocked to see Chris Hemsworth this way, though many embraced it and hoped it would continue Thor: Ragnarok The sequel.

It seems that the days of overweight Thor are over. Job title for Thor: Love and Thunder The Big Salad, which is a reference Avengers: Endgame Where the God of Thunder shed tears with his mother, Queen Frigga. Before he embarks on his new journey with Rocket, he asks him to eat a salad after taking him to his new physique. Despite the extra weight, Thor was still able to save the day with Earth’s most powerful heroes, although not everyone made it out alive.

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The Big Salad is also a reference to a Seinfeld episode of the same name from 1994. In this episode, George is extremely irritated when he doesn’t get credit for buying Ellen a big salad. George’s girlfriend Julie took a large salad from the monks and received credit for buying it, which gives her no end. By the end of the episode, Ellen is irritated over trivialities and Julie breaks up with George. This episode is considered by hardcore fans to be one of the longest running shows.

This is not the first time the Marvel Cinematic Universe has used an A. Seinfeld Reference to a work title. Spider-Man: Homecoming While George was Summer Spider-Man: Away From Home George had a downfall. Spider man 3 Serenity is using the working title of Now and Eternals Sack lunch was used in the film, which has not been confirmed to be correct Seinfeld Reference. However, as with all other nodes for the iconic sitcom, A. Eternals The title more than likely referred to a fake film called Sack Lunch from the 1997 English Patient episode.

Thor: Love and Thunder Chris Hemsworth is re-teamed with director Taika Waititi. It is believed that both of them spit out bullring ideas months after release Thor: Ragnarok, Although this would be the year before the sequel was confirmed. Now Natalie Portman will rejoin God of Thunder with Tacy Thompson. It is unclear whether Mark Ruffalo and Tom Hiddleston will sign for the highly anticipated sequel, though we should soon find out that production is set to begin. Thor: Love and Thunder The work title news comes to us from Disc Insider Writer Skyler Shuler’s Twitter Accounting.

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