Lost City of D First Look Takes Sandra Bullock & Channing Tatum for a Shallow Swim

It looks like Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock are spending a really hard time on the set of their new film, The lost city of de, Whose shooting began this month. Of course this is a joke, as in the first image released for the upcoming romantic comedy adventure, the pair appear to be a whale of a time drenched in the name of entertainment.

Posting the picture on his Instagram account, Channing Tatum Commented, “It’s no fun … no fun.” I don’t think anyone is buying into it, as it lags behind Sandra Bullock Who is smiling like a Cheshire cat in the water of a jungle river. It is fair to say that Tatum would not have enjoyed this much if things had gone differently with the film, as his role was originally expected to go to the bulls. Proposal Co-star Ryan Reynolds, but it didn’t work.

The film, which also features a cameo appearance by Daniel Radcliffe, Oscar Nunez, Patti Harrison and Brad Pitt, features Bullock as a romantic writer who discovers that the city he was built by is a Actual location. She goes on an adventure to find it as you want, with lots of comical mishaps along the way. The film is directed by Adam and Aaron Nee, and produced by Bullock with Seth Gordon, better known as the director horrible Bosses.

This is not the first snap Tatum has shared about the making of the film, having previously posted a behind-the-scenes photo that probably revealed little more than it needed – although his army of followers would disagree. Giving posing nude in the hair and makeup trailer, the actor added the shot to his Instagram story, commenting, “You know when you’re one-hole naked in a makeup trailer while holding a towel over your junk, you get some s ** to do. * On set that you have to prepare your maternal uncle before watching the film. “

Although the images shared certainly make it seem like the production is floating, Bullock told Entertainment Weekly how thrilled she was to make the film. “The idea that Paramount is ready to return to a genre that we haven’t seen in a while has made us incredibly excited,” she said. “When Lisa and I listened to the Nee Brothers pitch we knew we were about to embark on an ambitious and fun ride. We all need some action, escapism and love right now. And if I had to do it on screen myself Have to humiliate … so it will happen! “

I don’t think anyone will try to deny them after the events of last year. Cinema is about escapism, and The Lost City of D.O. It seems to be a light and airy fare that may eventually prove to be a hit when it arrives in theaters in April 2022.

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