Look out Amazon Go — A Lisbon startup plans to offer autonomous stores to other retailers – ClearTips

Look out Amazon Go — A Lisbon startup plans to offer autonomous stores to other retailers – TechCrunch

Check out Amazon Go. A Lisbon startup plans to offer the same autonomous store technology to other retailers. Lisbon-based Sensi, a computer vision startup that allows convenience stores to offer check-out-free shopping, has received a seed round of $ 6.5 million (€ 5.4M). The funding was led by Cia Ventures and Iberis Capital, with participation from the 200m fund.

The startup will now scale its R&D and launch new stores. Its proprietary platform uses a mix of cameras, sensors and AI to automate the store, both new and existing. The platform means retailers can manage inventory in real-time and have access to insights.

Sense CEO and co-founder Vasco Portugal said: “Sensory’s technology will help raise the level of play for retailers to compete against digital giants like Amazon. We aim to enhance the familiar and enjoyable customer experience So that it becomes comfortable, convenient and safe. “

Sensei is primarily designed to work with Grab-and-Go stores, forecourts and similar retail formats. Competitors include Trigo which has raised $ 89 million.

In an epidemic the advantages of automated stores are obvious: customers no longer have to queue. Also retailers can turn stock-outs and employees into customer support.

“We are happy to invest in a business that is a part of the digitization of commerce, which is currently clearly accelerating,” said Aris Xenofontos, principal of Cia Ventures.

Luis Querma, partner with Iberis Capital, said, “Sensei brings tremendous potential and cost savings to the retail industry, providing a seamless checkout experience for consumers.

Sensei was founded by Vasco Portugal (CEO, former MIT), Joanna Rafael (COO), Nuno Moutinho (CTO) and Paulo Carreira (CSO).

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