Loki Was Originally Just One Season, Just Like WandaVision

Disney+ Series bottle gourd What turned out to be another huge hit for Marvel Studios, and thanks to that a second season has now been confirmed. While the first timeline exploring adventure lends itself easily to further stories, director Kate Heron reveals that this was not always the plan, with bottle gourd Previously being discussed as a one-on-one outing similar to the success of Disney+/Marvel, wandavision.

“When I started, season 2 was not talked about. It was just that season bottle gourd. Everyone was overjoyed as we got deeper into the production, and there’s obviously a lot more to explore. bottle gourd. It felt like we should continue the story. So I think the cliffhanger came later in the process of ending.”

Sadly, Heron recently confirmed she won’t be back bottle gourd Season 2, the filmmaker plans to watch the story with the rest of the audience instead of the producer. “I gave it my all — in my soul, in my heart, everything,” she says. “I’m very proud of the work we’ve done. And yes, I’m enjoying Season 2 as a fan.”

It didn’t stop him from thinking what madness could be bottle gourd, Heron hopes that the second season will further explore the title character’s romantic past, saying that “we’ve opened the door” for the character to explore his sexuality with men as well as women.

Outside of God of Mischief, Heron hopes to see more of Judge Ravona Renslayer, played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw in the first series, as she sets out in search of more beyond TVA. “I love her,” Heron says. “Gugu always called her an indoor girl, which made me laugh, but that’s it. She’s in the office, but she used to be this kick-ass hunter. So I’m like, OK, okay, where’s her way He is going ?”

With the second season proceeding with Renslayer, Heron says that if Season 2 goes backwards, and goes into more detail about the backstory of the Hunter B-15, played by Wunmi Mosaku, he will equally enjoy it. Will pick up “I was like, we shouldn’t see memories of him,” Heron says. “It’s a character who thought they had power and felt like they had no power. It felt really powerful to at least give him some power in that scenario. Memories are personal. They are his.” She stops. “Plus as a fan, I’m like, ‘Oh my god, who is that?!’

And, of course, Heron wants Season 2 to build on the dynamic between Loki and Sylvie, something the show’s first season proved to be a hugely popular element.

“And obviously, you know, Loki and Sylvie? He’s in a completely different reality. What’s going to happen to him? How will he come back? Or will he come back? And where is Sylvie? He’s still in the Citadel Is it? And the multiverse of it all. What’s going to happen?!”

bottle gourd Now officially renewed for a second season on Disney+, with a reveal ticket for the most recent season being announced via the end credits, courtesy of an image of the popular anti-hero case file Brandt is shown saying “Loki will be back in Season 2. Critically acclaimed first season bottle gourd Available to watch now courtesy of Disney+. It comes to us from Variety.

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