Logitech Hero 25K Sensor Has Sub-Micron Mouse Sensitivity

Logitech Hero 25K Sensor Has Sub-Micron Mouse Sensitivity

Logitech’s series of mice are already some of our favorite peripherals for both gaming, general office productivity tasks, and creative applications, and now there are 25,600 more reasons to be excited about the company’s humble mouse.

Thanks to a software update on its custom Hero sensor, the Logitech G903 Hero, G502 Lightspeed, Pro Wireless, G703 Hero, G604, G502 Hero, G403 Hero, and Pro mice are all capable of improving tracking from 16,600 DPI to 25,600 DPI.

Now dubbed the Hero 25K sensor, Logitech claims that these mice now come with the world’s first sub-micron-level mouse sensor.

“The Hero 25K is the first sensor that can track movement at sub-micron level – 1 micron = 1 million m or 0.000001 m,” the company said in a prepared statement. “Without compromising on accuracy, this new sensor does so without the use of smoothing, and without spontaneous motion, counting parasites, making it one of the most accurate sensors on the market.”

For comparison, some of the top gaming gaming on the market at just 20,000 dpi including the Razer Basilisk Ultimate, which is still below the level of accuracy of the Hero 25K sensor.

Although tracking has improved by up to 60%, Logitech claimed that battery life would not be affected by the implementation of smart power management algorithms, which continuously adjust the frame rate based on mouse speed to reduce power draw .

According to Logitech, this is the result of 10 times higher power efficiency, even when a mouse is used for high DPI for integration with a micro control unit, or MCU. Unlike other sensors, the HERO sensor uses a continuously variable frame rate to deliver the best performance regardless of mouse speed or acceleration.

In addition to faster, more accurate tracking, the company said Hero’s built-in architecture helps handle different surfaces better. For business travelers or laptop gamers who don’t always want to carry mouse pads everywhere, better surface tracking can make Logitech’s mice more useful and attractive.

In a published white paper, Logitech claimed that its custom Hero sensor comes with 98% accuracy.

The company stated, “Hero can improve the experience of any kind of mouse and any kind of usage.

The software is available today through Logitech’s G Hub.

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