Logan Paul Vs. Floyd Mayweather Is Tonight and Fans Are Stoked to See What Happens

After months of heated arguments, Logan Paul And Floyd Mayweather is just hours away from his exhibition match at pay-per-view. Hosted by Fanmio and Showtime, the event airs on the evening of Sunday, June 6 at 8 p.m. EST. It is available for purchase on your favorite devices and can also be viewed on Fanmio.com.

The fight between the YouTube sensation and the legendary boxer has been a long time coming. Although Mayweather retired with a 50–0 pro fighting career record, Paul taunted him on social media to the point that he didn’t want to hear it anymore. The reportedly $100 million payday he is looking to score from the event may also have helped influence his decision to pull out of retirement.

In any case, Floyd Mayweather Jr. If he should not come out on top in this fight then he has a lot to lose. His undefeated career would be tarnished with an asterisk, given that he lost to Paul, who has a 0–1 record as a pro boxer, in an exhibition match. Meanwhile, it’s the exact opposite for Paul, who has nothing to lose but everything to gain. His career won’t be far behind if Paul loses the fight, but he will receive tremendous acclaim if he gets away with an upset victory.

Most people are expecting Mayweather to win the match easily. At least that is the general consensus on social media. A popular tweet is of a video clip of a boxer who is immediately out in a video game. Wii Boxing, suggesting what will happen to Paul tonight. “Leaked footage of the fight,” read the tweet.

Another Twitter user tweeted, “I’m really hoping @FloydMayweather smashes @LoganPaul tonight, I’m tired of hearing about some random internet guy.”

Even some people who are by Paul’s side still feel like he’s screwed. One person posted another GIF of Instant Knockout and wrote, “I really want [Logan] But that’s what it takes to win.”

It is clear that Mayweather is the overwhelming favorite in this fight. Yet, there are many who are unwilling to count Paul. Given his 0-1 pro boxing record, it would be very easy to underestimate Paul, and as some Fight fans have pointed out, Logan has to land a punch just right to leave Mayweather lying flat. . Looking at his back and light.

One tweet read, “Now I am telling you no matter how good a boxer you are. One punch can change everything.” “The size difference is huge. Logan has a real chance and I can’t wait for Reigns to see it.”

“My dream was about @LoganPaul winning a boxing match with a knockout in the first round,” says someone else.

And someone else who’s rooting for Logan tonight is brother Jake Paul, who wrote in another tweet: “Time to break the emulation tonight for you @loganpaul I’m so proud of you. Turns out that’s how f**k we do things. Go get this w then we’re going crazy.”

We’ll find out what definitely happens in a few hours. Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather will descend on Sunday, June 6 at 8 p.m. EST. You can find out more about the event, along with purchase access to pay-per-view, by visiting Fanmio.com.

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