Logan Paul Vs. Floyd Mayweather Footage Has Boxing Fans Convinced It Was Staged

The Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather exhibition bout has been the subject of controversy since it was first announced, and following Sunday night’s fight, it continues with concerns that the boxing match may be “staged”. Going to the Showtime pay-per-view event, most fans had a feeling that Paul would be dismissed by Mayweather fairly quickly. Instead he covered the distance for all eight rounds, and he still looked strong enough to compete with an undefeated boxing legend.

Over several rounds of fighting, Paul’s fatigue was clearly visible. To avoid any knockout blows, the YouTube sensation and social media influencer spent a lot of time Floyd Mayweather Jr. to stay straight. This isn’t an unusual tactic used by fighters in pro boxing, but it at least saw moments that some fans say were rigged at the exhibition. Videos of these examples are floating all over social media and are creating quite a stir.

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At one point in the fifth round, a winding Logan Paul After taking a body shot from Mayweather, he can be seen bending over, who can barely stand. Some fans say that “Money” Mayweather could have easily hit a knockout blow this time, but instead didn’t go back to legitimately hurt Paul. Others might say that Mayweather saw the referee step in to intervene, but this time people are in for a surprise.

As one fan who shared the video put it, “Beautiful body shot by Floyd. Logan is clearly injured by this and knelt down w/ hands. Floyd could have easily gotten Logan out of here.” . You can actually start seeing Floyd again. Hook left and then BC stoked that he really doesn’t want to hurt Logan.”

Meanwhile, another example has further convinced a few others that Mayweather really didn’t want Logan to lose, for whatever reason. After Paul missed an attempted reply, Mayweather delivered a vicious punch to the side of the head. This apparently upsets Paul and sends him almost to the mat, but holds Mayweather’s arms to prevent him from falling. It may be that Logan managed to catch Mayweather in time, but some are saying that it looks like Floyd is deliberately grabbing Paul.

After the fight, even Paul personally said he couldn’t help but wonder if Mayweather had let him avoid the “bout”. Whatever the case, both fighters fared better at the end of the evening. Mayweather was able to take control of the fight, although Logan was still established as a legitimate boxing star by hanging out with an undefeated boxing legend for so long. This is not to mention the multi-million dollar payment brought in by both fighters, although the purse was clearly much, much too much for Mayweather.

In his post-fight interview, Paul also stated that he is looking forward to a re-match with Mayweather in the future, but first after sharpening his skills as a pro fighter. As for Mayweather, he previously suggested that Logan’s brother, Jake Paul, is “probably” next. Considering how tense things have gotten between them, that fight could arguably interest even more people, even if there are undoubtedly a lot of people calling that fight “fake.” You can see what people are saying on Twitter about the Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather fight.

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