Local Travel Seems to be the Focus for Canadians Through 2021

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“I think one of the most beautiful things to come out of the epidemic is the renewed interest in discovering beauty in our own backyard.”

When Vander, an upcoming lakeside resort in Prince Edward County, Ontaras, announced that it would now be booking a stay from December 1, they did not quite expect this response. With booking requests to arrive in late 2020 through summer 2021, this keen interest in the Vander property is a desire of Canadians to focus on local travel in their home province and in Canada, for their future.

“I think one of the most beautiful things to come out of the epidemic is the interest in discovering beauty in our own backyard,” Vander owner Shannon Hunter tells Fashion. “Instead of stopping for foreign destinations on an airplane, travelers are realizing how special Canada is. We are only open for booking for a few weeks, and the response is incredible. We are filling from December to 2021 during the summer. It is clear that Canadians are looking closer to home, even in winter, there are plenty of options to spend time outside, but they do not want to compromise on luxury. And the fact that we can meet any level of comfort at the vendor – you can skip a check-in desk and go straight to your cabin, for example – is appealing to many. “

Local Travel Canada
Image courtesy wander

According to recent data from Booking.com, interest in domestic gateways has increased from 33% to 51% in 2020 compared to the same months in 2019.

Vander, with his own private cabin, seeks a safe and stress-free route for Canadians to relax. Situated between Bloomfield and Wellington in beautiful Prince Edward County, the lakefront property has 10 cabins, each with a capacity of six gold, located on a sandy beach. On-site programming on the property’s expansive lawn and in the clubhouse includes lakefront yoga, family activities, tasting sunset wine, fishing lessons and live music by the campfire.

Upon arrival, guests will be welcomed with a subtle custom scent with local brand Sunday Company, a free bottle of local wine, and cabins with s’mores kit, board games and polaroid cameras.

For more information, go to Wandertheresort.com

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