Lloyd Price, singer and early rock influence, dies at 88

Singer-songwriter Lloyd Price, an early rock ‘n roll star and permanent maverick whose hits include favorite films such as “Lodgy Miss Clody,” “Personality” and the semi-forbidden “Stagger Lee”, have died. He was 88.

Price died on Monday at a long-term care facility in New Rochelle, New York, on Saturday after his wife, Jacqueline Price, reported complications related to diabetes.

Lloyd Price, inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998, was one of the last survivors of the post-World War II scene in New Orleans, anticipating a change in popular music and culture that rocked the rise of rock in between. Was leading to 1950s. Along with Fates Domino and David Bartholomew, among others, Price fashioned a deep, pounding voice around the brass and swing of New Orleans jazz and blues, placing high on the R&B chart and ultimately giving white audiences Has crossed.

“Very important part of rock history. He was before little Richard! “Rock singer and E Street band member Steven Van Zandt said on Twitter on Saturday.” 1952 Lodie Miss Clody has made a legal claim as the first rock hit…. Righteous Cat. Extreme talent. “

Lloyd price In this February 20, 2003 file photo, Lloyd Price, left, and Mary Wilson of the Supremo pose for a photo with boxer Evander Holyfield during the reception of the 13th annual Pioneer Awards presented by the Rhythm and Blues Foundation in New York . (Photo: AP Photo / Frank Franklin II, File)

Price’s surname “Mr. Personality, “fitting for a performer with a warm smile and a tone for the match. But he was more than a charming entertainer. He was unusually independent for his time, with stars like Frank Sinatra taking on his publishing rights He ran his record label before making a catch, and even serving as his own agent and manager. He often spoke of racial injustice that he missed, calling his memoir a “summary” and during his 2020s The Facebook page wrote that Black Lives Matter protested that behind his “sociable exterior” was “a man who was escaping.”

Born in Kenner, Louisiana, one of the 11 brothers, Price had been playing songs and piano in the church since childhood. When he was in his late teens, “Lodie Miss Clody,” a local DJ’s favorite caphares, inspired him to write his boundary-breaking debut hit, which he worked with at his mom’s Fried Fish restaurant.

Featuring Domino’s trademark piano trills, “Lodgy Miss Clady” hit number 1 on the R&B chart in 1952, sold over 1 million copies and became Rock Standard, covered by Elvis Presley and Little Richard. But Price had mixed feelings about the song’s widespread appeal, later recalling how local officials in Jim Crow South objected to both blacks and whites attending his shows.

Lloyd price In this March 15, 2011 file photo from left, Elton John, Lloyd Price, Drs. John and Leon Russell inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in New York. (Photo: AP Photo / Ivan Augustini, File)

Price was drafted and spent in military service in Korea in the mid-1950s. He began his career with the 1957 ballad “Just Seas”, and hit the top with Choli, the pop-oriented “Stagger Lee,” one of the most popular songs of all time, of a barroom murderer. It is recorded about

Written by Price, “Stagger Lee” was based on a 19th-century fight between two black men – Lee Shelton, sometimes known as Stag Lee and Billy Lyon – who shot Shelton and killed his rival Ended with The songs of the 1920s reflected his changing storyline, and inspired artists ranging from Woody Guthrie and Duke Ellington to Bob Dylan and Clash.

Price’s version was opened with a few spoken words, explaining the tense of a crime novel: “The night was clear, the moon was pale, and the leaves came in the twilight … down.” The band jumps in and Price plays on the story of Stagger Lee and Billy, who fights over a game of dice, culminating with one of Stagger Lee’s 44 shots, which passes through Billy and breaks the bartender’s glass. . “Get Stagger Lee!” Mantras throughout a chorus.

The song peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard pop chart in early 1959, but not everyone was entertained. Dick Clarke, the host of “American Bandstand”, was concerned that the song was too violent for his teen-centric show and pressed the price to revise it: Stagger Lee, a “bandstand” watcher and some future listeners, Billy calmly resolved their dispute.

In 2013, Billboard stated, “I had to perform a few songs about Stagger Lee and Billy about some degree of bewilderment about a girl.” It was ridiculous. “

Price followed up with the top 10 hits “Personality” and “I’m going to get married” and the top 20 songs “Lady Luck” and “Question”. After the Beatles arrived in the US in 1964, they did no better than many of their contemporaries, but found their way into other professions through a wide range of friends and acquaintances. He lived for a time in the same Philadelphia apartment complex as Wilt Chamberlain and Joe Frazier, and with boxing promoter Don King, in 1973 between Frasier and Muhammad Ali for “Adventures in Manila” and in 1974 “Rumble in the Jungle “helped stage the championship. Battle between Ali and George Foreman. He was also a home builder, a booking agent, an excellent bowler and a manufacturer of a line of food products.

His career in music continued sporadically. He and his business partner Harold Logan started a label at Double L Records in the early 1960s, which gave Wilson Pickett an early break and he also ran a New York nightclub. But in 1969, after Logan’s murder, Price became so depressed that he eventually moved to Nigeria and did not return until the 1980s. He would become a favorite on the old tours, performing with Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis among others.

He settled in New York with his wife, but did not return home. One of Kenner’s street was renamed Lloyd Price Avenue and over the years Kenner has celebrated an annual Lloyd Price Day.

Price will maintain clean life and steady focus for its endurance.

In 1998, he told interviewer Larry Katz, “I had never drunk, consumed drugs or had bad habits.” I was never a starstruck. I had 23 hit records and I never saw the next record to be hit. I never needed that they had to belong to anyone. I just wanted to be. “

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