Lizzie McGuire Stars Sound Off on “Ridiculous” Cancellation

Lizzie McGuire Stars Sound Off on "Ridiculous" Cancellation

The fact that they were able to rejoin and film two episodes of resurrection made the cancellation even more difficult, together Heli todThe matriarch of the McGuire family said, “I am sad. We had the best time to come together for those episodes. It felt like no time had passed, except that suddenly all these children were adults.”

Hailey also said that she considered it “ridiculous” for Disney to cancel the series on the mention of sex. But she admitted that her motives might be something else, “It’s always more than you hear, and I’m certainly not privy to those conversations in the back room.”

Jake thomasMore commonly identified as Lizzie’s brother Matt said he is more disappointed that fans won’t be able to see what might happen. He added, “Fans always tell me that watching the show was a stop of their childhood and to be honest, I used to run every week on TV to watch the latest episode with them.” “When I walked into the rebuilding MacGar home set for the reboot, it felt like it was an unrealistic homecoming, a childish melancholy. It’s very sad for me not to share that sentiment to fans Get.”

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