Liza Finally Answers Charles’ Proposal in Younger Premiere

Liza Finally Answers Charles' Proposal in Younger Premiere

Warning: The following are spoilers for the season seven premiere of Younger.

Not the answer he was expecting.

When we last saw Liza (Sutton Foster), When that lover Charles (Peter harman) Proposed on Diana (Mary Shore) wedding. Of course, since this question was inside small Season six finale, which aired in 2019, fans eagerly await Liza’s answer.

And, like Charles, you may have mixed reactions to his answer. After sending Diana on her honeymoon with Enzo (Chris tardeo), Lisa gave to Charles unclear answer.

“Answer I love you,” she informed her lover. “But, technically, you’re not divorced yet … and I also think you might be kinda drunk.”

When Charles called Liza to defer the question, she danced once more to answer the offer. “This is the most beautiful question I’ve ever heard,” she continued. “But I have a daughter I want to talk to – and you have to talk to your girls too. We don’t have to hurry. I’m not going anywhere.”

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