Liteboxer is the Dance Dance Revolution of In-Home Workouts

If you’ve ever been dreaming as a workout to climb into the ring and toe with Rocky Balboa, but you don’t enjoy playing two black-eyed, the Lightboxer is a safe choice. The Lightboxer is an on-home fitness platform that combines boxing cardio and endurance training with technology to create a full-body workout that will challenge even the most over-sized person.

The Lightboxer is not a punching bag, and does not require heavy mounting hardware. Instead, it is a freestanding device that is light enough to lift and carry around the house without straining itself, but enough to fly repeatedly. It uses LED runway lights, targets and force sensors to simulate walking activity with a boxed partner.

The punching platform is made up of six different targets, as well as a bottom mount for an iPad or any other tablet on which you can play a workout video. There is also a platform for users to stand out. Their bodyweight acts as an imbalance that prevents the lightbox from tapping with the force of the holes. There is also an impact bumper below the goals of uppercase training.

Lightbox uses music as the basis for its training. LED runway lights illuminate each target, indicating when and where you should punch. Force sensors track your blowing power, as well as overall accuracy.

The platform is designed keeping all fitness levels in mind. The app provides trainer-led workouts that will guide you to training exercises and routines as well as training camp that gummies your workouts. It offers a level-by-level campaign that increases speed and difficulty. There is also a “Quick Hitter” mode for short, intense workouts and a range of challenges that allow you to compete against other Lightbox users.

Boxing has long been considered one of the best workouts, and the Lightboxer brings the joy of boxing to your living room. The working platform is now available for pre-order starting at $ 1,495, with financing options available. The first units are scheduled to begin shipping in August. In addition, a premium membership service is available for $ 29 per month and includes new training sessions, music and competitions.

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