Lindsay Arnold Admits She’s “Far From Perfect” After Vacation Backlash

Lindsay Arnold Is "Proud" of Her Body 11 Days After Giving Birth

Lindsay arnold She is clapping after being criticized for taking leave during a coronavirus epidemic.

Instagram users out dancing with the Stars Pro to go to a tropical location with her husband Sam Cusick And their 2-month-old daughter, Sadhu Jill Kusik, This week. The couple welcomed their first child in November.

One person commented on her January 5 “vacation time” beach photo and noted that others around the world cannot see their families due to the COVID-19 lockdown. User slaps Dancer for being “on a terrible holiday with your baby boy”!

Another replied, “It is very sad to see influential people not worrying about the virus flying and going on vacation.”

The 26-year-old Arnold shared a selfie showing a smiling thumb on her Instagram story on Wednesday 6 January.

She wrote, “It’s my thumbs up to everyone who really thinks it’s okay to comment or criticize someone’s upbringing. Why? Why do we do this for others? Especially those we know Neither are there. “

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