Linda Cardellini Wants Hawkeye’s Wife to Get a Movie, But Knows It’ll Never Happen

Linda Cardellini has a long and successful career in pop culture mainstays, whether they are in live-action Scooby Doo In the movies or lindsay freaks and Geeks. The actress added another feather to her cap after joining the MCU as Laura Barton, wife of Clint Barton aka Hawke. During an interview with Collider, Cardellini revealed that she would love for Laura to be a major part of the franchise.

“I mean, you know, it was one of those things, where I was brought into the universe and it’s really my own universe. With this functional it has its own entity that is incredible and has to be a part of , I don ‘know it, it’s so funny. My daughter’s friends love it. It’s one of those things you know? So it’s always fun. I mean, do I have Laura Barton Like to watch a movie? Definitely! But not me. Think it’s going to happen. I think people are more interested in superheroes. “

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Since his debut, Hawkeye was mocked by the audience for bringing a bow and arrow to a superhero gunman. Instead of trying to make the character more powerful, MCU leaned even more into the portrayal of the Hawkeyes as an ordinary and gave him a wife and children. Avengers: Age of Ultron. In her brief appearance as his wife Laura, Linda Cardellini succeeded in establishing herself as a grounding presence in Clint’s magnum opus life.

While it is true that the highlight of the MCU are superpowers, and Laura Barton: Regular Housewife’s exploits are not much interested, the franchise is no stranger to taking regular citizens and giving them superpower. In fact, most of Marvel‘s films involve a normal person such as Peter Parker or Scott Lang, who stumble across a series of fortnightly events that turn them into superheroes. So the door is not completely closed on The Adventures of Laura Barton: Superhero House Wife.

On the other hand, Hawkeye’s entire arc is as an ordinary person in a world full of superpowered creatures, and Cardellini’s character may be a big part of that journey. Incoming Hawkeye The spinoff on Disney + is set to feature the MCU’s first female archer. While the character is generally understood to be the daughter of the hockey she was shown training for Avengers: Endgame, This may well turn into a different version of the new Hawkeye of Cardellini Kate Bishop aka comics.

However, Clint’s presence within the larger MCU may be a reaction for now. The character has retired from the Avengers on several occasions, and currently focuses on spending time with his family at his farm. With the death of Natasha aka Black Widow, Clint has lost the person he was closest to within the MCU, and will be less excited to go on adventures with other heroes when there are many new superpowers to bear the burden. Will be available

Meanwhile, Cardellini’s most recent film is Capone Directors Josh Trank and Tom Hardy are available for online streaming. She can also be seen in season 2 dead to me, Streaming on Netflix. This news originated in Collider.

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