Lina Bradford Has a Collection of Shoes You Won’t Believe Exists

Photography by Tatiana Katkova

“When you love something, you always take good care of it and cherish it.”

It is an understanding to describe Lena Bradford as a collector. The New York-based DJ and talk show host’s apartment is full of Giles with all manner of compilations ranging from an army of Barbie dolls, from her childhood to the decades-long shoes – mostly high heels. Has been holding Her besties by designers including Brian Atwood, Christian Lubotin and Vancouver’s John Fluvog.

So, what better way to mark this diva whose digital chat show is starting its third season this month – someone who owns a hat of more than a dozen buffalo shades from Vivienne Westwood and Alessandro Mitchell Hosts pieces in the first Gucci collection without any hesitation?

Photography by Tatiana Katkova. “I’ve always been a chameleon,” says Bradford, who was consistently named “best dressed” during his school years. “Fashion is about expression and fun – and how you feel from one day to the next.”
Photography by Tatiana Katkova. Talking about how Vivine Westwood’s “alternative” beauty resonated with her from an early age, Bradford says: “Being a New Yorker and growing up in Manhattan, it was synonymous. I see the club scene. I was a young artist, and everyone was shaking Westwood. “

Bradford says, “When I discuss the diversity of the collection, it says that despite the volume, his place doesn’t feel” hoarder-y. “And of course he keeps his pieces organized and well-made “When you love something, you always take good care of it and cherish it.”

Photography by Tatiana Katkova
Photography by Tatiana Katkova. “He changed the game,” Bradford said of Alessandro Mitchell’s star turn at Gucci. Naturally, he has a mix of the brand’s advanced Marmont loafers.

However, he has a lot to do. There is an amount of vintage pieces – she owns over 70 clothing by Diane Frisch, including the charming printed jumpsuit she donated for this shoot to coordinate with a pair of purple Atwood sandals – not To mention her stunning selection of so-called styles from Louboutin.

Photography by Tatiana Katkova
Photography by Tatiana Katkova. Christian Louboutin’s cheerful Chevron Cork then fully coexists with a stack of books about Kate stilettos Barbie, one of the Bradford-style icons.

He began wearing designer shoes after inviting his Parisian atelier two decades ago, when he became a well-known name on the DJ circuit. Initially, Bradford wore a pigtail design, but then lent them all to make room for his new passion, the slender So Kate. “I like a serious heel,” she enthuses.

But this question must be asked: How did Bradford manage to make it through a night of partying while being roused out in rushing Steretto or eccentric platforms?

“People ask me that all the time,” she says, laughing, and credits her years as a trained dancer (ballet, modern and more) for allowing her to flex her legs in an hour. is. “I’m just mentally and physically ready to be in a pump,” she says. “I have to prepare myself to live in a flat. This is a chore! “

Photography by Tatiana Katkova. Hair and makeup, James Toribio for Mac.

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