Lily Collins' SAG Awards Look Would Make Her Netflix Character Swoon

“Andddd then we went into lockdown,” she said, explaining that, like most of us, her new uniform had become “a bunch of sweatpants and neutrals.”

But it’s safe to say that Lily is on the way to cement her place in the style world. She made a colorful splash by St Laurent in her 2021 Golden Globes with her ocean-blue dress, which featured intricate embroidery in jewel tones. In addition, one-of-a-kind creations had an asymmetrical neck and recurve cutouts.

Actress make-up artist, Fiona Styles, Told E! The sight of her glam-behind-the-night news that night, “Lily’s Saint Laurent dress had springboards for a color palette of brilliant tones and luxurious Cartier jewelry makeup.”

“The dress had a very beautiful ’70s feeling, like you would wear something to Mr. Chow’s dinner before going to a glamorous party at the Soho Art Gallery in the’ 70s. I wanted to bow down gracefully and have a look.” . It felt very sophisticated — with a full face, emphasis on eyes, lips, and cheeks — that’s the whole package. “

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