Lili Reinhart Speaks About “Exhausting” 11-Year Battle With Depression

Lily Reinhart Opening up about her 11-year experience with depression. Riverdale The star and fierce mental health advocate shared some wisdom on her Instagram story on Sunday, May 16, reflecting on her challenges and offering encouragement to her fans.

Lily, 24, wrote, “In a few days I feel like I’ve really lost to my depression.” “It’s an exhausting battle I’ve been fighting for 11 years and a few days, like today, it can feel unbearable.”

He said, “It’s a reminder to my fellow warriors that it’s okay for those days where you don’t want to fight anymore.”

The actress and producer, who has said that she feels like a “prisoner” on the set of Riverdale This season, then gave some advice to others who might be struggling.

“You don’t have to justify your mental health to anyone,” he continued. “Prioritize yourself when needed, take time to relax. Surround yourself with good people and high vibrations.”

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