LG’s UltraGear GP9 soundbar has battery power for gamers on the move

LG's UltraGear GP9 soundbar has battery power for gamers on the move



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LG has unveiled its first dedicated gaming soundbar UltraGear GP9 CES. The all-in-one G9 is designed to complement the range of LG’s UltraGear Gaming Monitor and offers battery-powered operation – a rare feature for gaming speakers. This portability may make it particularly attractive to casual LAN gamers.

The GP9 can ill-afford gamers wearing headphones and accommodate in-game chat with its built-in mic. An “eco-sound” feature is supposed to allow the mic to raise your voice rather than the sound of the game. The speaker has a large analog volume knob on top and simple controls for muted and simulated surround sound modes – including specific modes designed for shooter-style and strategy-style games. There is also a headphone jack for quickly plugging into the headset.

Connectivity includes a USB-C port for computers as well as an optical digital audio input that can work with game consoles. It also has Bluetooth and 20 watts of power.

In addition to the GP9, LG also announced a smaller GP3 that lacks optical ports and has 15 watts of power.

Gaming soundbars and speakers have been around for a few years and include products such as the Xbox-specific Polk Audio N1, Creative soundblaster stage And, just recently, Panasonic Soundslayer SC-HTB01. However, they are all designed to sit under a monitor or TV and stay there.

LG UltraGear GP9 pricing and availability are yet to be announced.

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