LG Wing Hands-on Review: Swivel-Screened Loon Shows Promise

LG Wing Hands-on Review: Swivel-Screened Loon Shows Promise

In 2006, Nokia released the N95, a phone that has become an icon in the mobile world. At the time the choice was made for its technological advances, notable for revealing an alphanumeric keypad below it for the screen, or a set of media controls. If you’re struggling to figure out what the LG Wing is all about, then think of it as the N95 of 2020, because while you enjoy, the crazy swiveling screen provides a more ergonomic experience.

Think I’m crazy about the design of the phone? I have had an LG wing for a very short time, so what you are going to read are my very early impressions – but I am really looking special here.

The design

The swiveling screen is very bad. I fully guarantee that you will collide with the blue glee the first time you tilt the screen to the left and it rotates round, and clears cleanly as it approaches its 90-degree angle. In the same way, opening the Galaxy Fold was a unique experience for some time before, so LG was flicking the screen round on the wing.

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A notch-less, hole-less 6.8-inch P-OLED screen in landscape orientation shows another 3.9-inch OLED screen below it, while you still gripe the phone’s body in portrait orientation. Despite it being a pre-production phone, the software animates attractively. A square Android home screen swoops down to a smaller display, and a custom menu is populated by apps that take advantage of unusual layout slides on the top screen.

With the N95 in 2006, you needed to use a physical keypad, but the technology was moving enough to provide a larger screen, so the slider design was the ideal way to avoid making a huge phone and still Also we should give the key features that we needed. In 2020 we watch videos, take photos, and play games in landscape orientation, but we interact with the keyboard and control most naturally when the phone is in portrait orientation. The LG Wing’s swivel screen is an updated modern take on the thinking behind the N95’s slider.

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It has a slight movement when you move round the screen if you move it from side to side, but it feels solid and secure. The motion is satisfactorily accurate at opening, where movement on the screen is fully judged with the spring. It closed without effort. I would not like to open it for fear of the screen breaking. That said, it’s good to see that the speed has been tested to 200,000 movements, which will last you for years, and the phone complies with the MIL-STD-810G toughness standard, along with basic IP54 water and dust resistance. is.

Except for the screen, I like the Illusion Sky color seen here, which has a shell-like color of oyster, which flows between blue, silver, purple and pink. The matte finish panel curves around the edge to complete the chassis, which then attaches to the main screen. It is a thicker phone at 10.9 mm – for comparison the Galaxy S20 Plus is 7.8 mm and weighs 260 grams.

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This is higher than the Asus ROG Phone 3, which is heavier in itself, but thankfully it is not as heavy as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. The weight of the LG wing is well distributed and it disguises this bulk quite well, but you would do best when you have it in your pocket. Keep a good belt on your trousers, as this is definitely to weigh them. . Ironically, you see the most weight when you place the phone in the picture and try to activate the in-display fingerprint sensor, which is set significantly lower on the screen.

Features and software

There is work to be done on the software to fully take advantage of the shifting screen orientation. For example, even though YouTube is featured as an app that works with screen swiveled rounds, the on-screen control disappears when a video is playing, and when you view the YouTube mobile site If the whale swaps the browser to use, it does not happen t will not play at a resolution higher than 360p. These are things that will probably be decided in short order. Nevertheless, it is convenient to control the second screen, especially the volume control, and in this way it is very comfortable to hold the phone. You don’t really need to tell it, as you do it every day, not just while watching landscape videos.

LG has worked with Rev to optimize its app. Popular during lockdown, Rave lets you watch videos and chat in real time with your friends, making it ideal for Wing’s screen layout. You can also hold the phone so that the larger screen is in portrait and the other screen sticks to the side, although many apps did not support it in my brief test. Gameloft has apparently made some changes Asphalt 9: Legends For LG Wing, but the second screen did nothing when I tried it.

As mentioned, this is a pre-production phone, and the software is not final, so things will change before release. There is promise here, but as always with these unusual designs, it takes effort from developers and manufacturers to bring this promise to life. LG’s strong relationships with its dual-screen phones, but it has faced resistance in the past with its unusual phones, and the lack of third-party support was one of the reasons the modular LG G5 never reached its potential Arrived.

The camera

LG’s camera app shows how it should be done. It works just like any other camera app with the screen turned off, taking video and video with the 64-megapixel main camera and 13MP ultra-wide camera. Flip the screen out and it activates an additional 12MP ultra-wide camera which is set to shoot video only. But here’s the point: it shoots across the landscape, even if you’re holding the phone in the picture. The second screen becomes the control system for gimbal mode, in which a virtual joystick lets you “move” the camera without moving the actual phone.

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This is awkward to use at first, but the results look good and there is very good tuning available with a virtual joystick so you can pan really slowly for the added drama to your shots. And the fact that you can hold the phone steady in “portrait” has a clear advantage over other phones with a landscape viewfinder and landscape video.

There are several modes that normally optimize the system for horizontal panning shots, shots with physical movement and extra smoothing when the camera is moved. It is very easy to use, although it takes a little time to understand how the modes work. I have not yet tested it in the real world, but the creative opportunities are obvious.

Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

I also like the way the second screen shows the photo editing tool with the photo on the main screen. Usually, I edit photos in portrait while zooming in on the image, so this alternative option works really well. Other camera modes include shooting with both front and rear cameras at the same time. If you are wondering where the 32MP wide-angle selfie camera is, it is in the pop-up module on the main body.

Initial impressions

The LG Wing is about as intriguing as the smartphone. This is unlike anything you can buy, and answers a modern ergonomic issue with our phones. Its success, or lack, will come to apps that work correctly when the screen rounds are flicked. If they do not, or do not offer tangible benefits, the feature will not be used and you will be left with a fairly heavy, normal looking smartphone.

Using LG Wing for a few hours makes me want to use it more, but it still feels like a work in progress, it’s a lovely idea About Ready for prime time. Let’s see what happens to the wing between now and the release, and how the swivel screen works in day-to-day life. Meanwhile, the LG Wing gets a big tick in the box marked, “Funny phone with potential people.”

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