LG QNED Mini-LED TVs are its best LCDs for 2021, but they’re not as good as OLED

LG QNED Mini-LED TVs with quantum dots are its best non-OLED TVs for 2021

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CES 2021 Fast is coming, but LG can’t wait to introduce the latest four-letter word to the TV world right now. The manufacturer is best known for Excellent OLED TVs like the CX series, Is coming up with a new line of TV called QNED. Is based on the more common LCD TV Technology instead OLED, QNED combines the benefits of its nanotechnology quantum dots According to LG for better color, contrast and brightness.

QNED TVs will occupy the upper end of LG’s 2021 LCD TV lineup, but company representatives were careful to say that they would not provide the same level of picture quality as their OLED TVs. LG has not announced 2021 OLED TVs, but is expected to be so close to CES.

Only one letter away from QNED QLEDA technology with similar underpinnings (LED LCD backlights and quantum dots) is used extensively by Samsung and TCL, so confusion is unavoidable. LG says it will use QNED TV Mini-LED Backlight Technology, Like TCL 6 series And 8 series QLED TVs, which again improve brightness and contrast compared to traditional LED backlights. Samsung has not yet announced any mini-LED TVs, but it uses a wall shape in the market that uses high-end TVs MicroLED Technique.

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LG has not yet provided much information on its QNED sets. It did not explain exactly how the nanocell and quantum dots would work together (both technologies traditionally focus on color correction) or provide more specifics – aside from saying that the TVs are “30,000 mini-LEDs and up to 2,500″ ” Will happen. Local dimming zone, Possibly in the largest sizes. It also did not announce which models would use QNED or which screen sizes and resolutions (4K and / or) 8K) they will have. Representatives of the company promised more details of CES; LG is scheduled to have a press conference on 11 January.

Meanwhile TV shoppers are faced with another misleading, similar-sounding brand name. At CNET, we will try our best to get more information. How QNED compares with QLED and other high-end LCD televisions or OLED televisions is the biggest question though, and will ultimately have to wait for reviews for that answer. stay tuned.

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