Let There Be Carnage Might Be Delayed to 2022 Now

Another week and Venom news: Let There Be Carnage is getting another delay. Although this time it is much bigger. After settling on only an October release expected to arrive in September, the latest delay will see the film taking its own morbius Release slot in January 2022. The Tom Hardy film has been one of the most mobile films of the past few months, both with a slight drop in cinema-goer volumes due to the rising number of Covid cases, and Sony’s dedication to putting out their biggies. Not only looking for movies in theaters and streaming routes.

Vulture’s report came after Sony didn’t show any new ones Venom: Let There Be Massacre Footage at CinemaCon, shown Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer and screening Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which, it was suggested, was due to the ensuing delay. Sources have now revealed that the film is almost certainly going to replace January 21 which was reserved. morbius to make his cinematic debut.

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Perhaps the main thing for Sony is that they’re desperate to get their biggest upcoming movies in front of audiences, but the uncertainty of that means they’re going to see any fair return for their efforts. , it means they also want to find a slot. Going to see more people turning to theatres. While January isn’t the best place for summer blockbusters, Sony has little choice because they don’t want to step on the toes of their other big releases, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which descends on November 11, and Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is still holding its December 17 slot.

If the move proceeds as expected, it would mean morbius Will be back around February or March, but it shows that Sony is prioritizing Venom over its new assets. Considering Venom’s first appearance in 2018 broke records, Sony would be hoping for the best possible return from the sequel, although it’s an exceptionally good opening weekend at over $100 million at the moment, so they’re not that kind of person. Are not going to see the returns which they will. expected while making the film. Poison is considered to be any kind of fixed thing, morbius Currently unknown. The character isn’t the most famous of people who aren’t devoted to Marvel’s comic books, and given how fans would feel about taking a trip to the cinema for an unused property, it’s something Sony probably doesn’t want to gamble on. . Push morbius The back just gives more time for things to settle down and potentially allows Sony to recover a little more money.

While Sony is clearly keeping an eye on theater performances at the moment, they will probably join Disney as all eyes are on it. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which Disney is showing exclusively in theaters next will and will use as a gauge for its future releases such as Eternal which is currently expected to arrive in November, although whispers have already begun to be heard that its release is essentially not guaranteed until it arrives. shang chi can be assessed.

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