Lenovo Legion 2 gaming phone to sport four ultrasonic triggers

The shoulder keys on the Lenovo Legion 2 are designed to turn the handset into a game console controller.

The sentence

Lenovo’s new Legion 2 gaming smartphone, expected to be unveiled on Thursday, will feature four ultrasonic shoulders designed to transform the handset into a game console-like controller.

The keys or triggers on the bezel-less edges of the phone are designed to replicate the game controller’s L1, L2, R1 and R2 keys, which detect precise finger positions and movements, including lighting and hard taps, slides, and swipes Huh.

“With these gestures, in-game maneuvers such as aiming, shooting, beginner skills, gear shifting, and other controls are all fundamentally felt,” Sentons, who partnered with Lenovo to create the experience, said in a statement said in. The San Jose, California, startup specializes in ultrasonics that act like sonar to record touch and pressure anywhere on the surface of a gadget.

Sentons said that when the smartphone is positioned horizontally, the position of the key corresponds to the natural position of the users’ hands.

The shoulder keys can also be used to enhance the handset’s camera operation, adding a virtual shutter-release button that Centon says operates like a real camera, with a light press focus set to the right Does, and is taking a hard press. picture.

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