Law director Raghu Samarth: I wanted to make a film about a strong woman protagonist

Law director Raghu Samarth: I wanted to make a film about a strong woman protagonist

Written by Manoj Kumar R
| Bangalore

Published: July 16, 2020 7:55:40 pm

Law director Raghu Samarth Ragini Samarth directed Law has Ragini Prajwal in the lead role.

After making his directorial debut with Smile Please (2017), Raghu Samarth took his sweet time to put together his second film. “I don’t want to make films just for this. I make films only when I feel strongly about something. I aspire to make films that stand out from the crowd. Raghu Samarth said that his new film Law will start on Amazon Prime Video from Friday.

Raghu Samarth helped veteran scriptwriter TN Seetharam. He said, “Everything I know about the screenplay screen is because of my mentor Sitaram sir.”

Prior to this, Raghu worked as a writer for various shows including Kannada Kottidhipati, which was hosted by film star Punit Rajkumar. While working on the game show, Raghu developed a good rapport with Puneet.

“Puneeth is a rubbish person. If he doesn’t like something, he tells your face. Also, when he likes something, he can’t help but show enthusiasm. He appreciates our work wholeheartedly, ”Raghu said recalling his work experience with Star.

Law director Raghu Samarth Punit Rajkumar has governed Raghu Samarth’s rule.

Puneth controls Raghu’s rule, with Ragini Prajwal in the lead role. “When I told the story to Puneet, he was very excited about the film. He found the plot very interesting. And then I narrated it to Ashwini Madam. After hearing the story, the first thing he asked was, when will Raghu start shooting? ‘I hadn’t come back by then, but the producers were also looking for a strong female-centric story, “he recalled.

After landing in support of PRK Productions, Raghu wasted no time in putting the cast and crew together. Within two months of getting the producers’ permission, they started shooting. By December, he was also done with censor formalities.

“The protagonist in the film is a happy-go-lucky girl. But, when some injustice happens to her loved ones, she goes to fight for justice. Therefore, I was looking for someone who looked weak and strong at the same time, ”commented Raghu.

Raghu wanted to play the role of a new face to play the character of the protagonist as he did not want the established actors to be brought into the character. “I saw Ragini in advertising films and she also worked in a short film, Rishabhapriya. I knew she would be right for the character. He said, “When I told her the film, she also found it challenging. ”

Raghu felt that of late there were not many films that offered influential female characters that were made by predecessor actors like Puttan Kannal. “I wanted to make a film about a strong female protagonist. Some injustice happens to the woman. And he is suffering silently. But, what happens when she stands up for herself and fights within the purview of the law? ” he said.

And that idea inspired Raghu to write the law. He noted that he had professional lawyers on the set to make the court proceedings as real as possible.

“The highlight of the film will be how the protagonist fights for justice. I have given it a unique treatment compared to the way he usually handled it in such films.

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