Lata Mangeshkar turns 91: The nightingale is a gift that keeps giving

Lata Mangeshkar turns 91: The nightingale is a gift that keeps giving
Written by Sheikh Ayaz Mumbai |

Updated: September 28, 2020 4:35:38 pm

Lata MangeshkarLata Mangeshkar celebrated her 91st birthday today. (Photo: Express Archive)

Lata Mangeshkar’s first recorded song was in 1942. She was only 13. It was for a Marathi film, but was later dropped from the album. Despite the best efforts of at least one filmmaker sung by The Lata Mangeshkar, these days Kokila rarely enters the studio – her “temple” – in the immortal words of Naushad. His last recorded song was in an Indo-Pak gay love story in 2015. From 1942 to 2015, this record is continuous for 3 years and Mangeshkar, the high priest of Bollywood singing, who could perform the feat of that time. For 73 years, and even longer, she regained the music audience with her melodious voice and overall as the lead singer of Bollywood, who, like a juggler, crushed every competition that came her way. She came. Film magazines like Stardust had a name – “Mangeshkar Monopoly.” Between Lata and her younger sister and media rival Asha Bhosle, there was hardly room for a third woman.

Lata Mangeshkar was born into a family of artists. His father ran a theater company and the Mangeshkar sisters were fond of music. Furthering the singing, the sisters wanted to carry on their father’s rich heritage. He was classically trained. From a very young age, Mangeshkar could sing Raga Puriya Dhanashree with full command. It was his father who discovered Lata’s real talent. “One particular incident influenced my singing,” the singing legend recalled in an earlier interview with Stardust. “It happened once that my father asked his disciple (disciple) to do one thing while he finished some work. I was playing nearby and suddenly a note of the rip that was rendering the shaggy, messed up. And the next minute, I was correcting him. When my father returned, he discovered a protégé in his daughter. Allegedly, Lata’s father told her mother, “We have a singer at home. We never knew this. “

Lata Mangeshkar During the 1950s and 60s, Lata Mangeshkar sang in every genre. (Photo: Express Archive)

A few years after her father’s death, Lata moved to Mumbai. Initially, he was also mentored and nurtured by Master Vinayak, a filmmaker of the 1930s and a family friend of Mangeshkar and Ghulam Haider, who is known for giving Lata his first break. Lata’s initial competition came in the form of Suraiya, Shamshad Begum, and especially Nur Jahan, who was considered the darling of critics at the time, a better singer than Lata. In a 2004 essay by Outlook magazine, veteran music writer Raju Bharat wondered if Lata had chosen “Nur Jahan (as the ‘sharp voice’) to live in India after Partition? Bharata wrote Naushad (who called Lata Had given unforgettable gems) to the same question You enjoy the Ganges In Baiju Bawra And Why fear if in love In Mughal-e-Azam). Naushad felt that there was no possibility of his all-India appeal as Nur Jahan moved to Pakistan. “Once Nur Jahan opted to base himself in Lahore instead of Bombay,” Naushad explained to Bharat, “the range and variety of musicians coming to work on his vocals was automatically restricted. After Nur Jahan Se Lata did not enjoy supreme benefits – Lata waved music directors from 13 states of India to the tunes of her voices. Thus Nur Jahan typified herself as a Punjabi-Urdu singer. While Lata Mangeshkar Maharashtra Became the metropolitan voice of all Hindustan, the representative of every Pratap of Orissa. ”And yet, it was Naushad who asked him to sing like Nur Jahan for Mahbub Khan. style (1949)!

song, Will come come From Palace This ensured that Lata was here to stay. In the 1950s and 60s, she sang in all styles, with hymns Allah thy name And like dance number Hotan pe assi bata Like romantic tunes Hug me And like patriotism O! my countrymen.

Of all the music directors, there is no doubt who Lata’s favorite was. “I shared a special relationship with Madan Mohan, which was so much more than a singer and music composer. It was a relationship of a brother and a sister, ”she said in the 2011 collector’s item calendar which was Tere Sur and Mere Geet. “She trusted me to sing her best compositions,” she went on the listing He shut up From Jahan Ara As their favorite collaboration.

Lata mangeshkar old photo Lata Mangeshkar ‘shared a special relationship with Madan Mohan’. (Photo: Express Archive)

In later years, he developed a similar brotherly relationship with Yash Chopra, to whom he sang some of his most memorable later songs. Such hits as their collaboration have met Dust flower, sometimes, series And Heart is crazy. He also worked with Chopra’s son Aditya Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Perhaps, Dilip Kumar, whom he refers to as his elder brother, said it best, commenting, “No one has been able to equal Lata’s sophistication. It is very difficult for anyone to compete with him because he has invested so much in everyone who cares about music – Lata Mangeshkar has many such characteristics in all. “

(Sheikh Ayaz is a writer and journalist based in Mumbai.)

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