Addison Rae Clams Up When Asked to Name "Least Favorite" Kardashian

After assuring her sisters to be “satisfied” with her life, Courtney says in a confused way that she understands “their curiosity”. She further explained that her and Edison’s “energy aligns.”

In response to this, an honest Khalo inquired, “So, you have child-like energy?”

Per Cortney, adding exactly how she is feeling, adding, “I think I have a young heart and an old soul.”

Still, the mother of three said it is more about energy and less about age. “I don’t think it’s about age because, Simon And Phil He was just here and … he has that energy, “Courtney reflected. I think so, we all have such a good circle of people around us — everybody’s just different ages.”

By Jothi Venkat

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