Ksheerasree – Dairy Farmers Registration Online – Status Check, Procedures, Facilities

What is Ksheerasree?

Ksheerasree is a versatile digital framework that empowers dairy farmers to access Government benefits seamlessly, eliminating the need for office visits. It also enables them to track the status of their submitted applications. This unified, bilingual, interoperable, collaborative, and open-source system collects real-time data from farmers to end-user consumers through IoT-enabled connected devices across the entire supply chain.

Organisation : Kerala Department of Dairy Development
Facility Name : Ksheerasree
Applicable For : Dairy farmers to avail Government benefits without contacting office
Applicable State/UT : Kerala
Website : https://ksheerasree.kerala.gov.in/

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Dairy Farmers Registration Online – Status Check Procedures Facilities

Functionalities Available at Ksheerasree

– Farmer Registration and Lifecycle Activity Management

– Society Profile and Membership Management

– User Administration

– Office Operations

– Scheme Management Information System (MIS)

– Meeting Coordination

– Milk Procurement, Sales, and Transfers

– E-payment Integration

– Cattle Feed and Other Purchases, Sales, and Transfers

– E-alert System

– Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Integration

– PDS Land Record Integration

– MIS Analytical Reporting

– Role-Based Dashboard

– Farmers’ Membership Services

– Online Help and Support

– Voters List Generation

– Financial Accounting

– Grievance Resolution

– Payroll Administration

How To Register At Ksheerasree Portal?

Farmers are required to sign up in the system using their Aadhar number and mobile number and complete their profile entry. Once the profile entry is finished, the details are submitted to generate the SMART ID. Until the SMART ID is generated, farmers can still sign up and complete the registration process using their Aadhar number and mobile number.

Register Here : https://ksheerasree.kerala.gov.in/farmerlogin

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FAQ On Ksheerasree Portal

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On Ksheerasree Portal

Why should I use Ksheerasree?
Ksheerasree is a common digital framework for empowering dairy farmers to avail Government benefits without contacting office and know the status of application submitted.

What are the services offered to Dairy Farmer?
He can avail any Govt subsidy benefits by on boarding scheme through farmer portal.

If I forgot password, How will I get?
** Click on Forgot Password button on Home Page
** Applicant will have to enter the SMARTID/AADHAR NO followed by CAPTCHA which is used for logging into the portal and then click on Get OTP button.
** If the user is not valid, error message will be displayed.
** If it is a valid user, system will send new password to his registered mobile number.

How do I know the status of application submitted for various services?
** User can either add aadhaar or smartid by clicking know your application under search option in ksheerasree portal.
** On entering the application Ref.ID, system will display the status of the application

How can I know my eligibility criteria for getting subsidy?
** Navigate over the “scheme” button at the Home page
** Click “Read More” link to know eligibility criteria for a particular scheme.

Is there a documented set of instructions or user manual available for using the online system?
** Navigate over the “help” button at the Home page
** Choose the relevant document as per the information needed
** A comprehensive user manual has been made to assist the users of KSHEERASREE

Additional Simplified Procedure

Here are the steps on how to register at the Ksheerasree portal:

1. Visit the Ksheerasree website:
Go to the official website: https://ksheerasree.kerala.gov.in/

2. Click on “Farmer Registration”:
On the homepage, you’ll find a button or link labeled “Farmer Registration.” Click on it to initiate the registration process.

3. Enter your Aadhaar number and mobile number:
You’ll be prompted to enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number and a valid 10-digit mobile number. It’s highly recommended to use the mobile number that’s linked to your Aadhaar.

4. Consent to Aadhaar verification:
Read and agree to the terms and conditions, which include consent for Ksheerasree to obtain your Aadhaar information for verification and registration purposes.

5. Verify your mobile number with OTP:
An OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the received OTP in the designated field to verify your identity.

6. Complete your profile details:
After successful OTP verification, you’ll be directed to a form where you’ll need to provide comprehensive personal, farm, and livestock information. Fill in all the required fields accurately.

7. Submit your application:
Once you’ve completed all the details, carefully review the information and click on the “Submit” button to finalize your registration.

8. Generate your SMART ID:
Upon successful submission, the system will automatically generate a unique SMART ID for you. This ID will be essential for availing various government benefits and schemes related to dairy development.

Important notes:
** Use Aadhaar-linked mobile number: For a smoother registration process, it’s strongly advised to use the mobile number that’s linked to your Aadhaar.
** Incomplete registration: If you don’t have a SMART ID yet, you can use your Aadhaar number and mobile number to log in and complete the registration process.

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