Koi Jaane Na Film Cast: Kunal Kapoor, Amaira Dastur, Neha Mahajan, Ashwini Kalsekar, Atul Kulkarni, Karim Haji, Achint Kaur, Vidya Malvade, Aditya Lakhia, Raj Zutshi
Koi Jaane Na Film Director: Amin Haji
Koi Jaane Na Movie Rating: Half star

Ja Koi Jaane Na translates as ‘No One Knows’. So much prediction, you think, as soon as the film opens. Because no one seems to know what is happening just for every annoying minute of two hours.

Kunal Kapoor is a block writer. It is said that the writer’s frills (Vidya Malvade) scrape his face and declare war. Why does she hate him? We do not know.

The only way to our palace to save ourselves is away from a picturesque Panchgani cottage, and yet another inspiring dance. The trouble is that they have a secret, and what this has to do with the books that are cheap thrillers, not the ones that are brought to their fans. How long will he be able to hide?

A bunch of people are out to dig up the truth, whether they like it or not. Ditsi Girl with a dark past (Amaira Dastur), Latash Punj with a slipping ‘Pallu’ (Neha Mahajan), Gently Policeman (Ashwini Kalsekar), Smart-Mouth Full-Time Sleuth, Part-Time Reporter ( Kareem Haji), stealth photographer (Aditya Lakhia), bolly agent in a stroke of mahogany hair (Achint Kaur), condescending doctor with a long gaze (Atul Kulkarni), and a labrador known as Shermer.

So, what is this about? Writers seeking inspiration? The quality of breathtaking fiction vs. serious, sublime literature? Damaged girls looking for a stop? Why do bodies begin to accumulate? Why are there pictures of criminals with hats in secret rooms? Why does the killer who killed Jack Nicholson walk around wearing a hoodie?

Question, Question.

Were there writers who worked? Is this really a movie? Do not know? With any conviction I can tell you that Aamir Khan is still an equally sexy dancer, and his item number with Elli Avram is the only film worth watching. That, and the laboratory.

By Jothi Prakash

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