Kim Kardashian Listens to Olivia Rodrigo’s Breakup Anthem Amid Divorce

Kim Kardashian Listens to Olivia Rodrigo's Breakup Anthem Amid Divorce

Kim Kardashian Proving he’s an equally big fan Olivia RodrigoAs the rest of us have smashed.

40 years old keeping up with the Kardashians Star, who has recently filed for divorce Kanye West, Taken to her Instagram Story on Monday, to see footage from a car window outside during a drive on February 22. Appropriately, the song accompanying the video was Olivia’s wildly popular tune “Drivers License”, which was at the center after a painful breakup.

Kim’s video features part of the song with lyrics, “All my friends are tired of hearing how much I miss you / But I have pity on them / ’cause they never know you like that Will be like I do. “

The song continued, “Today I drove through the suburbs / and pictured that I was driving home for you / I know we weren’t perfect, but I’ve never felt that way for anyone / And I’m just Can’t imagine how you could be right now I’m gone.

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