Kim Kardashian and More Stars Demand Investigation Into Man’s Apparent Hanging Death

Kim Kardashian A Southern California park has one of a growing list of celebrities calling for an investigation into the death of a black man hanging from a tree.

According to NBC News, Los Angeles County Sheriff Department officials said the 24-year-old’s body Robert fuller It was discovered by a passerby on the morning of Wednesday, June 10, near Pamedale City Hall. Authorities have described the case as a possible suicide, although members of Fuller’s family have expressed doubts over his initial findings.

“He hung from a tree,” County Sheriff Capt. Ronald sheffer Said at a press conference on Friday, June 12. “Personnel at the nearby fire station responded and determined that he had passed. While the investigation is continuing, it appears that Mr. Fuller has tragically committed suicide.”

According to NBC News, authorities have conducted two autopsies, both of which claim that suicide has been seen as a way of Fuller’s death. A spokesman for the sheriff department confirmed E! It is reported that the case is still being investigated.

Dozens of protesters gathered on Friday near the scene of Fuller’s death as the hashtag #JusticeForRobertFuller trended online.

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