Kid Kicking Thanos Viral Video Has James Gunn Joking About a DC & Marvel Crossover Movie

James Gun jokingly announces the viral Thanos video that he has squandered his DC and Marvel crossover film making opportunities. Over the weekend, a video went viral in which a child saw Captain America and Iron Man kicking Thanos Imperator in the head. As it turns out, a man in a Batman suit was the only one to come to the rescue of Thanos. The video appears in a program for children, in which superheroes interact with their younger audiences.

In the video, a very young Marvel Cinematic Universe fan saw Thor as an opportunity to do it originally. The unidentified child runs upstairs as Thanos Imponent is on the ground and hits him in the head, while another child comes running after him. The DC character Batman is trying to protect Thanos from unruly children, as the men dressed as the backdrop of Iron Man and Captain America. James Gunn used the occasion to make a very solid joke. “Eventually I start working on my dream Marvel-DC cinematic crossover and some bastard leaked footage on the first day of shooting. So uncool,” said the director.

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For the record, James gunn A Marvel and DC cinematic crossover is not making the film, although chances are there are plenty of fans who would like to see it on the big screen someday. As of this writing, the original video of Thanos was viewed nearly 10 million times in the head and many people are trying to figure out why Batman is hooking up with the characters of the MCU. Regardless, this is a video in which you need to watch more than a few minutes to soak everything up.

The kids in this particular didn’t really care about not being part of Batman’s MCU together. Instead, they were focused on getting their revenge on the Mad Titan. It is not clear why the man in the costume was on the ground in the first place, but the children were ready to prove that you do not always need superpower to vent evil. Sometimes a fully planted kick to the head would be enough, which the poor man in Thanos costume learned the hard way.

The video also shows how serious young fans are about their comic book films. Thanos did some terrible things, such as killing Gomorrah and the Vision, while at the same time turning half of the universe into dust. Iron Man also sacrificed his life to bring down the insane Titan, which also made fans sad. So, it really is no wonder why these kids hate the giant purple villain. Let’s just hope the costume had some extra head protection in it, because that kid had some serious force behind that kick. You can see the viral Thanos kicking the video above, thanks James Gunn’s official Twitter Accounting.

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