Caitlyn Jenner Reveals Her "Most Important Memory" From KUWTK

did Katiline JennerThe rendering of “Tik Tok” earns its approval. Keisha Myself?

In March, East keeping up with the Kardashians Star performed on the 2009 hit The mask singer, Where it was revealed that Catiline was the woman behind Phoenix. On April 6, Kesha posted a pair of Titok to Katiline’s performance. (Yes one Different TIC Toc. This is confusing, we know! ”

In the video, Ketha watches as Caitlin and sings the poem, while in a red-winged outfit with feathers. As Caitlin sings, Kesha cries and hides inside her shirt.

“Live for this cover and live for this dress,” Kesha wrote on the video. “But I mean I have to go….”

Sadly, Catiline was eliminated from the competition after the performance. However, the Olympian felt that she would get everything before her daughter appeared on the show, even though her daughters, Kendall Jenner And Kylie Jenner, Unique couldn’t understand her desire to appear in a singing competition.

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