Kerry Washington’s Best Red Carpet Looks Deserve an Award of Their Own

When it comes to fashion, consider handling it.

Kerry washington Made a name for herself playing the role of Olivia Pope in the hit ABC show Scandal, Where she was known for her incredible acting skills as her unmatched fashion sense. In real life, Kerry and her character Olivia feature fashion when it comes to fashion.

Washington has run dozens of red carpets over the years, and he is a smolder down to science. The biggest downside to not having a red carpet for the 2020 Emmy Awards is not seeing what an incredible gown is. Small fires everywhere Star will be donated.

She is clearly working with the best stylists in the business because she always looks together and is ready to take on the world.

Do not believe us? Take a look for yourself! Each time we stepped down the carpet looking Washington glamorous and ready to take charge. This is a sample of some of the best looks in Hollywood given her illustrious career as one of the most sought after actresses.

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