Ken Jennings Defends John Roderick Amid “Bean Dad” Twitter Controversy

Ken jennings Stands by John roderick after that Omnibus The podcast co-host caught fire via a Twitter-delete Twitter.

according to this Wrap up, Roderick shared 23 tweets this weekend, when his 9-year-old daughter had no idea how a manual opener could be used on a can of baked beans and she took it out of her hands The assignment, which was reportedly taken “on and off SIX HOURS” and led the child to break down in tears while Roderick worked on a puzzle. While Roderick allegedly considered the incident a “teaching moment”, many followers thought he took it too far.

Soon, Twitter users began criticizing Roderick and phrases like “Bean Dad” and “She’s 9”. according to this Hollywood reporter, Roderick initially defended himself, even replacing his Twitter bio with “Bean Dad 2021.”

He reportedly said that my story about teaching my daughter is how to use an opener and overcome a frustration version of Twitter where I am being accused of child abuse . “It’s amazing. My baby is all right.”

He reportedly said, “The best thing about these parenting concerns being proportionate to trolls is that they keep on worrying about how my child would be deprived of beans cooked for a baked horse Is. He’s a child. Six hours’ duration after a meal. In the afternoon, dinner at six. They’re really saying baby. “

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