Kelly Marie Tran Shares Details Behind Super Secret Star Wars Audition Process

Kelly Marie Tran, who played Rose Tico in Rose Star wars The sequel trilogy has opened up about the incredibly cryptic audition process. Tran made his debut as a character The last jadic And will continue to reprise the role in Rise of skywalker Too. But according to his account the process of playing the role was not easy.

His latest film, Disney’s. Promoting Raya and the Last Dragon, Kelly Marie Tran He was asked about the process of auditioning for a Star Wars film. For starters, she explained that the audition preparations were secret, and that the audition preparations were complicated by the fact that they were not given any scenes to prepare. Here’s what he had to say about it.

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“I remember receiving an email, as you normally do for an audition, but the email stated that the project was ‘The Untitled Ryan Johnson Project’ which, after a little light, it was very It was clear that Episode 8 … we didn’t get favors to prepare. They won’t even let you have them. So we’ll go to the audition and then you’ll be given the sides that were printed on red paper so you don’t Take them with you. “

Auditioning for a major franchise is a big thing for a budding actor. But going into something blind and trying to win all over is an impossible task. As Kelly Marie Tran continued, they were more or less doing cold readings at the first audition.

“It was essentially a cold read, the first audition. And I remember the character description saying, ’20, woman, character-y,’ and that was it. You really don’t do anything about it.” Knew. So yeah, it was wild. I would say, the best thing I ever did was to try as much as possible to be present at the moment and pay attention to the scene, acting in a genre or someone It makes sense if the universe as opposed to trying to play for the specific. “

In the end, Kelly Marie Tran emerged victorious. He was supposed to bring Tico alive every day. while The last jadic Will go down as perhaps the most divisive entry in history Star wars Franchise, it certainly gave a big boost to his career. In the end, Tran provided some understanding of the scenes he was given to work that day.

“There were two scenes and one of them was a scene between me and John Boyega, Finn. It’s the casino scene where we’re looking for the master codebreaker and then that kind of monologue scene where Rose talks about getting her fist.” Is through this cheap, beautiful city. “

Rose was a big part of The Last Jedi, but was largely sidelined. Rise of skywalker, Achieving screentime of less than two minutes. Whether or not we will see Rose again remains to be seen. But there are many Star wars Projects coming down the pipeline could, in theory, open the door to more than Kelly Marie Tran in that universe. This news comes to us through the collider.

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