Keep your Lips Good and Beautiful forever

Keep your Lips Good and Beautiful forever

Because of the complexity of the application, No one prefers to draw red. But here giving you some simple steps to achieve the perfect, well defined, and well-disguised lips.

How to apply to red lips and lip liner to Red lips can scare some of the complexity of the application. Obviously, like any technical makeup, the more you practice, the more you become skilled, but there are still tricks to make it easier. Here are 5 simple steps to get the lips perfectly defined and well disguised.

Even if you don’t have the talent to draw beautiful drawings, it is easy for you to join points and it need not require more skill. That is why I suggest you put some dots in strategic places of the contour of your mouth with the lip liner. Then select a suitable red color which well harmonized to your lips, Start drawing six benchmarks with the lip liner of the same color. 

The first point is the center point of your upper lip. The next two points are to be on the curvy part of the upper lip at the same height the last two points on the outer corner of your mouth. Now keep dots intermediate to the points already marked, and similar steps should be followed to score on the lower lips too. When you draw the dots, make them very small and light in color so that they merge with the lips stick.

Now connect dots and make a thin outline. Don’t hesitate to draw the line with several small strokes. Because of the dots, it is decidedly more comfortable to draw the lines in symmetrical on the upper lips. Once the outline is drawn fill inside with red color. For the accuracy and excellent finish, I suggest you use a lip brush. Avoid large movements and instead, use small changes. 

Once it is filled with the help of a tissue paper, remove the excess from the lips. Now correct the defects if any. Further, refine the contour and get the perfect result. If the shape is irregular, take the cotton swap and correct the mistake. Once it is done, give a light coat so that the finish is even throughout.

You can finalize by applying a little pearly gloss in the center of your lips to create the illusion of more generous lips. You can also use a gloss or transparent-color red lips to the entire lip surface to increase the brightness.

When you are you are using the lip gloss, small wrinkles and lines will disappear if you are using the base contains hyaluronic acid. Give the gloss shade from the inner corner of lips so that your lips are beautiful and sexy. 

Some lip glosses make the lips to appear larger and fuller, and some lipsticks or the lip glosses have the lifting effect by intense moisturization and the shiny lip gloss gives the full and the right result this is due to the reflections of the light by the light scattering pigments in the lip gloss. 

You have to buy the lip gloss that not only has beautiful color but also nourishing agents such as moisturizing amino acid Compounds and other ingredients such as sea fennel, lupine oil, vitamin E. these ingredients protect the sensitive skin of the lips from the harsh environment and nourishes your lips and thereby regenerates it.

You have to Choose the lip gloss with vibrant colors during summer. Since they have the sunscreen pigments, they will protect your lips more from the sun. The higher the opacity of your mouth glosses, the more the sun protection. 

Most of the women struggle with the size of their lips, some of them have very narrow lips, and some of them have too full. Using the right color of primer and drawing the lip contour edge carefully with the lip contour pencil and selecting the right colors, your lips will get a perfect finish.

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