Kathy Najimy Calls Sister Act 3 Return a Win-Win, Says Whoopi’s Still Working on It

Is one of the weirdest Hollywood franchises sister Act The series, starring Whoppy Goldberg as Deloris Wilson, was turned into a nun by a lounge singer who helps a convent become popular through the ranting singing of classic hymns. Last year it was confirmed that a third film in the franchise was developed for Disney + with Goldberg returning as a star and Tyler Perry working as producer. Kathy Nazimi, who portrayed both of them in the past sister Act Movies as the always cheerful sister Mary Patrick, recently confirmed that Sister Act 3 is still in its early stages.

“[Whoopi’s] Trying to get that going. Me, you know why I like that, no hair, no makeup, no spanks, comfortable shoes. This is a win win for me. “

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Whereas earlier sister Act A huge, surprising hit, the sequel was not as good either. The franchise got a second life on stage through a Broadway adaptation. for Kathy NazimiOne of the most vivid memories from the series was when she had a song by D Day Sharp Gravy (on My Mash Potato).

“He was Emil Ardolino who directed it, which is no longer with us, was so funny and kind and great. And he would say yes to literally anything I wanted to do. He was so easy, he would like ‘ Yes, do it. ‘ [sic] A lot. And it is whoopi [Goldberg], You know, so, and you know, that I know whoopie I’ve been thinking for 40 years. Yes, 40, 41 years. So, he only let us do what was for us, Disneyland for us, you know what I mean? We are just able to do what we want. So now he was really open to it. He would say, is this more to do? Never said, never edited us. It was really fun, that bar scene, because it was shot in LA and it was really next to a great frozen yogurt place. And we got to dance and sing. “

For the past decade, Disney has been in a reboot race, taking classic films from the nineties and updating them for the modern era. While this rarely made the reboot better than the original, Whoopi Goldberg There is confidence in the upcoming sequel, as he previously stated that the series offers “feel-good” entertainment that has stood the test of time.

“For a long time they kept saying that nobody wants to see [Sister Act 3]. And then recently, it turns out, that this cannot be true. People may want to see it. So we are working diligently on how to try to get the gang together and come back … it’s a really fun film and it feels good. And you know, nobody is crazy. It’s just, hear-bad singing, great singing, fine singing and then nuns. What is better than this “

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