Kathmandu Connection review: Amit Sial-starrer reaches the finishing line, but half-heartedly

The Kathmandu connection tries hard but falls short of being entertaining. The Sonilive show fails to strike the perfect balance that makes the show special, especially when the story feels like a mix of Manoj Bajpayee’s The Family Man and KK Menon’s Special Ops. The comparison is unfair, but unavoidable.

Samarth Kaushik, an overzealous police officer played by Amit Sial, along with his accomplice Mishra (Anurag Arora) is to catch the crooks responsible for the kidnapping of a hotelier. In another part of the country, a CBI officer Ritesh Aggarwal (Gopal Dutt) is investigating the murder of a colleague. In addition, Shivani Bhatnagar, a primetime news anchor, is being intimidated and is receiving an empty call. The web series mixes all three events as we are told that there is a common connection at a casino in Kathmandu, run by Sunny, an associate of Dawood Ibrahim’s henchmen and politician Mirza Baig. But Siddharth Mishra, the author of Time, gets tedious to put all the characters and connections together.

A short introduction to the main characters and their family life can help maintain intrigue. Instead, it consumes three-and-a-half episodes in a six-episode series, making the show greedy for life. However, when it gets to point, it is soon digested attracting attention. The unexpected turn in the narrative changes not only the pace, but also the style of the web series – from a spy thriller to a revenge thriller.

Amit Sial anchored the volatile show with his terrific performance. His character is featured as Kay Kay Menon’s Himmat Singh, a RAW agent in Disney Plus Hotstar’s Special Ops, whose sole purpose was the mastermind of the terror attack on the Indian Parliament and Srikanth Tiwari of Manoj Bajpayee, an underpaid and Amazon Government agent overworked with no life and work balance in The Family Man on Prime. Sial’s capable Kaushik is after the antagonist Sunny and is ready to go to any length to catch him, even if he is suspended. He chooses his professional responsibilities over his family duties, leading him away from his wife and daughter.

Apart from Sial, actors Anurag Arora, Gopal Dutt and Aksha Pardasani also did a good job. Sneha Khanwalkar’s background score helps a lot in the creation of the story of the finale of the two episodes. Also, kudos to director Sachin Pathak for his attention to detail when it comes to getting the setting right, for example, the absence of mobile phones in the early 1990s, costumes by news anchor Shivani and cars in which the principal Let’s travel.

The Shorter episode and this spy-less-revenge thriller were thought to be a little more different from the already existing great shows like Special Ops and The Family Man, which would have made the Kathmandu connection a sure shot winner for SonyLIV. For now, it is available, it just takes a while to get there.

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