Kate Moss Lends her Midas Touch to Jewellery Brand Messika

Messica’s photography courtesy

Here is a chance for you Kate Moss’s iconic style.

Kate Moss debuted her relationship with French jewelery brand Messica in 2019, starring in a campaign for the brand alongside Joan Smalls and Sylvia Hoax. It was this campaign that began a significant relationship between Messica’s founder and artistic director Valery Messica and Moss. The two women together have prepared a collection of high jewelery sets of around 100 pieces to launch on 2 October.

Messica’s photography courtesy

The pair began the process by taking a look at Moss’s own jewelery box. The fashion icon known for her rock-and-roll-meets-bohemian style, brought out both old and new treasures that inspired her designs. According to Messica, Kate’s jewelery box is full of “colors, XXL motifs,” [and] Large decorative headpiece in Aztec culture and Art Deco style. “These pieces revealed design decisions as a result of a large and eclectic collection. Some highlights include an abstract letter K and diamond varieties designed for the diamond. The brand used the collection to fully incorporate its high-shine jewelery To expand beyond the use of white diamonds to include their sparkling stones as well as malachite, turquoise and mother of pearl.

Despite being collected from precious materials, Moss suggests customers “prepare it to make a simple statement”. “I love wearing diamonds with denim shorts and a t-shirt,” she says. We can officially add dripping with diamonds to things that Kate Moss loves about her style.

Check out some of Kate Moss by Messica Collection below:

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