Kate Hudson Feels “Terrible” Over Music Autism Backlash

Kate Hudson Feels "Terrible" Over Music Autism Backlash

Kate hudson Address to the autism community behind her new film music.

In the new film, which was written and directed by the music superstar SIA, dance Moms Alum Maddy Ziegler The tithe depicts the varna. The music is autistic and non-verbal, and many people were offended that Sia cast a deranged actress to play such a role. In November, the “Chandelier” singer claimed that she attempted to autism a person for the part, but the actress received an “unpleasant” and “tense” role. However, autistic actors on Twitter accused her of not working too hard before casting Maddy, who Sia has worked with in several of her music videos.

Talking to host Jimmy kimmel live, Hudson – who portrays Zoo, the musical’s older sister and guardian character in the music drama – said he believes there is value in communicating around representation in the media.

almost Famous The actress explained, “I think when people watch the film, they will see the amount of love and sensitivity that this film has, but it’s an important conversation, not a representation.”

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