Kanye West’s Most Lavish Gifts for Kim Kardashian Will Blow You Away

What Comes Next for Kim Kardashian After Filing to Divorce Kanye West

Sometimes, the gift of love comes at a cost.

On Friday, February 19, Kim Kardashian Decided to file for divorce from Kanye West After six years of marriage.

“He tried to give it a chance,” a source shared with E! News. “She wanted to do it last year. She gave it a lot of time, but it’s time to move on. There was no case. Nobody did anything bad. They split up.”

Although the couple made headlines in recent months about the state of their marriage, Kim and Kanye also experienced pleasurable memories in their love story.

In fact, fans won’t soon forget some of the lavish gifts gifted to the Grammy winner keeping up with the Kardashians Star during their highly publicized relationship.

15 carat engagement ring designed Lorraine SchwartzThe Check! Donation of $ 1 million to various prison reform organizations? Absolutely. And we should not start Kanye’s Valentine’s Day surprise with one and only Kenny.

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