Kangana: I am being mentally, emotionally and physically tortured

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut shared a video message on Twitter on Friday, in which she talked about the “torture” she is being told about. “Why am I being mentally, emotionally and physically harassed now? I want answers from this nation… I stood for you this time you stand up for me… Jai Hind, ”she captioned the video.

Dressed in a white sari, Kangana addressed the audience in Hindi. He said, “Ever since I started talking about the welfare of the nation, people have started harassing me. The way I am being exploited, the whole country is watching it. My house was illegally demolished. Because I am talking about the welfare of farmers, a lot of cases are being registered against me. There is also a case against me because I get laughter. My sister Rangoli spoke of the ill treatment of doctors at the beginning of the Corona-era. A case is also registered against him. My name was also added to that case, while I was not even on Twitter at that time. Usually, this does not happen, but it was done. Our honorable Chief Justice dismissed saying that this case has no meaning. “

Kangana Ranaut further said, ‘I was also ordered that I have to register my presence in the police station. Nobody is telling me what kind of presence it is. I have also been told that I cannot talk about the atrocities happening to anyone. “

Kangana then questioned the Supreme Court of India whether we were living in the “medieval era”. She said, “I want to ask the Supreme Court of India, ‘Is this the medieval era where women are burnt alive and they can’t even talk to anyone?” This atrocity is happening in front of the world. I want to ask those who see that the kind of torture we endured during 1000 years, we were fighting for freedom, we have to endure that torture again, if the nationalist voices are silent .

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