Kaitlyn Bristowe Clarifies Jason Tartick Breakup Rumors

Do not believe the rumors: Katilin Bristowe “Single Air Force” is not.

On February 24, East Bachelorette The star took to her Instagram Story to illustrate a photo posted with her dogs Ramon and Pinot. The background consisted of a mural of conversational hearts, one of which read “Single AF”. Apparently, some fans felt a breakup with Katilyn Jason tartik, Bachelor Nation alum, which she has been dating since 2018.

However, this is not the case, Kylin said in a series of videos on his story. He said to the camera, “So I posted a picture and in the background he said ‘Single AF’ and I didn’t even notice. So people thought it was pointing to something, but it’s not. Then I Put on your stories. If you zoom out, it also says ‘Engaged AF,’ basically don’t take it seriously to say. So now people think I’m busy, and they think That I am alone. ”

Catiline turned to Jason, who was just away from the camera, to ask, “So, Jason, are we engaged?”

Jason replied “no,” and when Catiline asked if he “broke.”

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