Justine Marjan Interview: The Celeb Hairstylist’s Zoom Hair Tips

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Also, Ashley Graham’s hair 24 times (!)

Whether you are a haircare fanatic and have never missed talking about new products, styles and celebrity trends, or you have been completely removed from the world of hair and you have never used the word “ballet” before. You may not have heard, you saw the work of hairstylist Justin Marjan. Not really. The stylist, who has been working in hair for the past 15 years (in the salon before transitioning to celebrity and editorial styling) is the mastermind behind some of the most memorable celebrity hairstyles of the past few years. We’ll take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Remember back in 2019 when Ariana Grande was rarely photographed with no skylight hair clips or bobby pins that adorned her iconic ponytail, especially during her Sweetener World Tour? They were courtesy of Kitts’ collection of X Justine Marjan accessories.

How about when Kim Kardashian started wearing her hair in a super-sleek half-ponytail?

Or when we all started wearing our thoughts and feelings in our hair? you guessed it. Clip of Marjan.

After working with A-listers like Kylie Jenner, Babe Rexa, Kerry Washington, Tessa Thompson, Kehlani and the like, we knew he would answer all our burning hair questions. We caught up with Justin Maron, who has also been a global stylist for TRESemmé since 2017, to chat with all things haircare during (and beyond!) Quarantine.

How to manage split ends during quarantine

“Use a great shampoo and conditioner to maintain your hair,” Marjan says. “The new TRESemm√© maximum length shampoo and conditioner is designed to fill in the ends of your partitions, if you are not able to get a trim and cut them out, you will see [them less]. But if your hair is spoiled by heat styling, coloring, hard water or bleach, the TRESemm√© Keratin Repair line is more than a bond repair, so it is great if your hair really needs damage repair. “

Justin Must Have Quarantine Haircare-Haves

“I do a big Fan DIY oil treatment before shampoo and conditioner,” says Marjan. She shares other things that have saved her mane during the epidemic. “And new root touch up sprays have been a go-to for me because salons in LA are not open and I get grasps in front of my hair, so it’s able to blend them in for me. I also like it for updos and braids Is – An exposed part at any time, most people’s hair is sparse around the hairline, so spraying it directly onto the roots makes the hair look fuller. I also like a micro-fiber towel after the shower; it Is more gentle than a regular towel and will cause less damage to hair. I use the original weight brush detangler in the shower to work through my conditioner. When you brush wet hair it really Helps prevent breakage. “

Her go-to hairstyle for a video call

“My advice to anyone making a video call is to have a hair accessory on your laptop,” said Marjan. “I actually heard from another beauty editor that they’re resting a head band on the edge of their computer, so if they have to jump on a last-minute call they can just pop on the headband and put it together Are. It’s also good to see some personality because you can really see someone’s fashion or style because you’re looking at them from the neck-up, but you can express your hair through the accessories. I There are a lot of hanging looks, playing with heat-devoid styles and playing with a wide variety of waves. We’re seeing such a resurgence of the ’90s volcanic eruption, so I’m going to take different rounds. I blow-dry a ton with a brush and then set them using Velcro rollers to get different effects and more volume in my hair. “

The most unusual non-hair related thing to complete a look

“I once had to go straight from the airport for Ashley Graham before the Miss Universe pageant, and my hairspray exploded in my suitcase on the plane. I had to change her hair 12 times that day Plus A dress rehearsal, so actually we had to do 12 twice, and I didn’t have a hairspray. And hairspray is my # 1 product; If I could keep only one product in my kit it would be absolutely hairspray. So I mixed regular sugar with water in the spray bottle, because it is hard like a hairspray. “

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