Juniper Networks acquires Boston-area AI SD-WAN startup 128 Technology for $450M – ClearTips

Today Juniper Networks announced that it is acquiring smart wide area networking startup 128 Technology for $ 450 million.

This is the second AI-fuel networking company Juniper has achieved in the last one year after purchasing Mist Systems in March 2019 for $ 405 million. With 128 technology, the company gets more AI SD-WAN technology. SD-WAN is short for software-defined wide area networks, which means networks that cover a wide geographic area such as satellite offices, rather than networks in a defined location.

Today, instead of just being software-defined networking, the new system helps automate session and policy details as needed, rather than dealing with static policies using artificial intelligence that may not fit every situation perfectly.

Writing in a company blog post announcing the deal, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer Manoj Leelanivas saw 128 technology offering great flexibility in the portfolio as it seeks to transition from legacy networking approaches to modern ones powered by AI , Especially in conjunction with fog. Purchase.

128 Technology Combination Groundbreaking software with Juniper SD-WAN, WAN Assurance and Marvis Virtual Network Assistant (powered by Mist AI) gives customers the clearest and fastest way to complete AI-powered WAN operations – from initial configuration to running AIOps, customizable Individual users, including service levels (below), simple policy enforcement, pro-active anomaly detection, fault isolation with recommended corrective actions, self-driving network operations and AI-driven support, ”Lillanivas wrote in a blog post.

According to Crunchbase’s data, 128 Technologies was founded in 2014 and raised more than $ 97 million. Its most recent round was a $ 30 million Series D investment in September 2019 led by G20 Ventures and The Perkins Fund.

In addition to the $ 450 million, Juniper has asked 128 technology to issue retention stock bonuses to encourage new owners to remain employees of the startup during the transition. Juniper has promised to honor this share under the terms of the deal. The deal is expected to be close to Juniper’s fiscal fourth quarter general regulatory review.

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