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One of Early disruption produced by the novel coronavirus revealed as a cancellation of the event. Some of the world’s biggest technology conferences, such as F8 and Google NEXT, were postponed and others still switched to digital options to connect. Disinfect is also going digital this year.

This is an unprecedented time for the world of events, so we are bringing someone to our center on our extra crunch live stage: Eventbrite CEO Julia Hertz. In fact, members of Extra Crunch can ask their own questions directly to the CEO and are encouraged to do so on call.

Hartz is leading the publicly traded company as it becomes more popular than ever with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. At the same time, the global slowdown of in-person event ticketing due to COVID-19 has impacted Eventbrite’s business. What does this mean for employee morale? Cooperate with other companies? And overall culture in business?

Eventbrite has made a rapid transition to virtual events, with thousands of listings in categories such as business events, classrooms, health and wellness, science and technology, community and culture and more. Hortz also told Billboard that the company is committed to serving independent music venues, which have been greatly affected by the global health crisis, and indicated that Eventbrite could turn into a self-service ticketing model.

The company reported that, since enhancing its online event service in 2019, and amid social uproar, Eventbrite users have been posting about 20k online events every day, with 2,000+ percent-year-on-year increase in online events is growing. April 2020 as compared to April 2019. The announcement came after Eventbrite cut costs by $ 100 million, which included layoffs.

We will talk with Hartz about how he is leading his company through a crisis and what the future holds to bring people together. We will also discuss how widespread layoffs may affect the future of diversity in our field of work.

HVT will also be called weighing on the advice of other founders hoping to create a strategy ranging from COVID-19 to fundraising. As always, EC customers are invited to ask questions to log on to the call.

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