Joy, health and good work opportunities, a look at TV stars’ 2021 wish list

As the world moves into the new year, popular television stars, in an exclusive chat with, return during the year and also share their wish lists for 2021.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Kunal Jaisingh

2020 was part of the ups and downs, not only for me, but for everyone. Furthermore, Kovid certainly took a toll on everything. In 2021, I’m really eager to work on myself, and being happy doesn’t matter. I want to face all the struggles, any kind of situation with happiness. I also hope for a bright future for the country and the world. Happy for the coming year and some new beginnings in a new world.

Shefali jariwala

2020 has been a difficult year, but in the downside of the epidemic, I tried silver linings consistently. I have developed close relationships with family and friends, and have returned to a simpler way of life that I love. I have been healthy and this has been my greatest blessing. I am very hopeful and optimistic about 2021. Staying healthy and traveling top my wish list.

Sharad Malhotra

The highlight of 2020 for me will be Naagin 5. It was a very different occasion, and I was nervous. However, people have really loved and appreciated me for my performance. I never thought that a villain could be loved so much. For the coming year, I really want to sign a good web show on a big OTT platform. I am really looking forward to exploring that medium in 2021. Also, I am really craving for a holiday in Switzerland.

Nia Sharma

2020 was a very dramatic year for us in which we never thought about what would happen. For me personally, it has been an important year because I have never done such a thing before. My show ended abruptly due to Naagin 4 Kovid, but it received back-to-back compensation along with many other projects. I also won Danger Player – Made in India, which was amazing, and I can never thank my stars for that. A few things were delayed in 2020, and I am hoping it will happen soon.

Rajesh Kumar

2020 was a very eventful year for me. During the time of the test, I was very positive, including Kovid positive (laughs). My show launched, and also went on air during this period. We all really want the virus to go so that things can return to normal. Also, I have a major war. I am working extensively towards growing organic foods. Next year, I want to make it big, and even find a market for all the goods. I want to set up natural and organic farms in Mumbai and Bihar. Also, hopefully, good works will also come.

Ada Khan

2020 made me realize the value of relationships. I got to spend quality time with my father and brother. I also got enough time for introspection, and it really helped. I want to travel more in 2021 and meet my friends more often. I want to do some good roles in the digital space, and grow as an artist.

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